• Tunnel Shield Project 500gpm Mud System to Thailand
  • Solids Control Equipment Exported to Indonesia
 Tunnel Shield Project 500gpm Mud System to Thailand

Tunnel Shield Project 500gpm Mud System to Thailand

Shield Method is one fully mechanized underground construction Method. The shield ...
Solids Control Equipment Exported to Indonesia

Solids Control Equipment Exported to Indonesia

Indonesia once is the unique OPEC nations from Asia. The prove...

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Decanter centrifuge for Tunnel Boring Slurry Treatment

The requirement for TBM ( Tunneling Boring Machine) slurry treatment decanter centrifuge is big bowl, big volume when working with dewatering unit( dozing system). Our existing biggest model decanter centrifuge is GNLW553C-VFD, which is with 22inch bowl diameter and 1800mm bowl length, when it works for drilling fluids, the treating capacity is 400gpm, max capacity for clear water is 500gpm, but with flocculation unit the treating capacity is not big enough.

GN solids control develops bigger decanter centrifuge for Tunneling boring slurry treatment or for dredging slurry separation, it can be also used for industry waste water treatment and Municipal Sewage Sludge in Purification Plants. For more information, pls check our website: http://www.gnsolidscontrol.com/dredge-slurry-dewatering-centrifuge

GNLW764A-VFD is special designed for TBM and dredging slurry separation applications, with big bowl 30 inch diameter and 132 inch bowl length. The max hydraulic capacity could be up to 800gpm.The max G force up to 3000G. The VFD control panel is 2 motor variable speed control for main motor and back drive motor.  

Features for GN decanter centrifuge for Tunnel Boring Slurry Treatment:

  1. Big bowl big treating capacity
  2. Easy operation with PLC smart control system, The bearing temperature sensor, vibration sensor, over load protection is controlled by the PLC
  3. The centrifuge bowl material is duplex stainless steel which is much better than stainless steel 316L and SS304 which is commonly applied by other Chinese suppliers.
  4. The screw propeller protection is tungsten carbide tiles, which could last longer than spray welding on the surface of the screw

Except for big bowl big volume decanter centrifuge for Tunneling boring machine & dredging slurry separation industries, GN solids control also design decanter centrifuge oil sludge separation, tank bottom cleaning, drilling fluids cleaning and recycling, sand washing, welcome to contact with GN sales engineer to choose a correct model. 

Customize drilling solution offer by GN Solids America LLC

GN Solids America, LLC offers full range mud recycle machinery and the mud cleaning system for various drilling industries.  Oil drilling industry and HDD industry are the two major drilling industry we currently focus on due to the continuous demand of service contractors around the world and in current economic trend, they all budget-sensitive on operation.  Mud agitator, shear pump, centrifugal pump, mixing hopper, mud tank, shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner is the components to put together a complete mud system. Every drilling situation is different and industry like Oil drilling and HDD drilling is also different in drilling operation.  GN Solids America LLC offer custom solution to meet the specific demand  of drilling We could offer complete service for the mud recycling solution like pit-less and zero-discharge system.

solids control

There is a situation when drilling operation is operate for sometimes and smaller solids are begin to shown in the drilling fluid.  The drilling mud cannot be recycle-use before remove the solids that contain in the drilling mud.  For such demand to remove finer solids in the drilling mud, Our GNLW452 decanter centrifuge will be the first choice to do the task due to affordable price and fast ETA compare with other manufactures.  This GNLW452 decanter centrifuge that offers bigger bowl diameter for large treating capacity.  It's separate capacity is 5 to 7 microns of solids size.  Our main characteristic of our mud system is not only price and fast ETA, it will have a compact footprint for today's environmental awareness.  Besides using in oil drilling and HDD drilling, our machinery and system also being used in water well drilling, geothermal drilling, CBM drilling, defending unit is usually used for adding, tunneling, etc. construction tasks.

No mud system's tank can operate without mud agitators.  It depends on the size of the tank, we offer power electric motor 3kw, 5. 5kw, 7. 5kw, 11kw, 15kw, 18. 5kw, 22kw, and each model along with single impeller or dual impeller for the option to choose.

GN Solids Control’s products naming rules

GN Solids Control is a world famous company and brand in the solids control and drilling  waste management industry. Now its business range spanning from shale shakers, mud cleaners, decanter centrifuge, cutting dryer, vacuum degasser and so on. GN could be your one stop shop in the solids control and waste management area. Its product application covers from oil and gas drilling, HDD and CBM drilling, bored pile and TBM drilling.

Today I will introduce two more naming rules to you, shear pump and screw pump. As these two pumps are widely used in the oil and gas industry or drilling waste management industry, there are more and more customers showing their interest in this two pumps. So understanding the naming rules is very important and could help you select the products effectively and efficiently. Let’s start with the shear pump: GNJQB550A, GN means the company name in short. JQB means theChines product name of the shear pump in short .550 means 10 times of the pump’s power. The pump power is 55KW.A means this product is the first generation, and in future, GN will make more upgrades and improvements for the pump, there will be B,C , D etc. and more versions coming out. The shear pump can be used in the oilfield for the operators adjusting the density of the mud and keeping the mud features meeting the requirement for drilling.

solids control

Next let’s go to the screw pump: GNG90A-220,  GN means the company name in short, G means the product name screw pump in short.90 means the designed volume is 90 cubic meter per hour. A means it is the first generation of screw pump. 220 means 10 times of the pump’s power. The pump’s power is 22 KW. Screw pump is widely used in the oilfield due to its strong suction power and can feed the decanter centrifuge or other solid control equipment.

That’s the basic introduction of the naming rules for shear pump and screw pump. Hopefully it will be useful to you.We will try our best to assist your business to be successful. Welcome to visit www.gnsolidsamerica.com and please send your inquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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