Centrifugal pump in the ZJ50 drilling mud treatment system

Centrifugal sand pump has been designed and developed for petroleum drill in solid control equipment. It adopts the axial sucking structure and all the hydraulic components are friction proof cast iron, which is suitable for delivering the corrosive liquids with suspended particles in well drilling or other similar liquids. When designing the sand pump. Its specifications were fully thought that the complete solid control equipment can work under the best operating mode. It is endowed with high communality of parts, operating reliability, durability and convenient maintenance etc.

Centrifugal Pump
is ideal motivity supply for desander, desilter and jet mud mixer. Take the centrifugal pump in ZJ50 drilling mud treatment system as the example. There are 4 pumps and each of them plays the different roles.

Centrifugal pump for desander, desilter

The slurry after the vibrating processing flow into the 1# compartment of the treating tank waiting for the downstream treatment. Then the first pump will send the mud to the desander hydrocyclone from the 1# compartment, at a pressure of 0.25~0.40MPa , then ,the desander starts to work for the second class purification. The treated mud overflows to the 2# compartment. The second sand pump will send the mud to desilter hydrocyclone at a pressure of 0.25~0.40MPa. Thus the desilter starts to work for the third class purification.

Centrifugal pump for Jet mud mixer

After the centrifuge processing, the particles large than 7μm is almost separated out from the drilling fluids.

However, the dendity and viscosity of the separated fluid has changed after the decanting centrifuge treatment, the used of the third pump is to weight the mud by feed some chemicals from the jet mud mixer, recalling the density and keeping the high performance of the drilling fluids.

Centrifugal pump for perfusion

The pump used to recycle the processed drilling fluid to the drilling head is the fourth pump in the system which is called feeding pump. The drilling fluids no need weighting After treatment of centrifuge flows to mixing tank, then pumped to mud pump (user own) through feeding pump and connecting pipe to the drilling rig for recycling.

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