4 Stages drilling mud solids control Equipments

In one drilling mud solids control system, gennerally there are 4 main stages treatment. They are Shale shaker, desander, desilter and dencanter centrifuge.

Shale shaker

shale shaker is the first stage euqipment in the complete system,also the core equipment. GN could offer the third generation linear montion shale shaker and fourth generation BEM shale shaker.

GN Shale Shaker


Desander & Desilter

Desander and desilter could be combined as one compact device which called Mud Cleaner, we can installed one underflow shale shaker used to drying the slurry spitting from the bottome nozzle of the Hydrocyclone. Mud Cleaner is well known for its powerful function as the combination of the second phase & third phase equipment in drilling mud cleaning system.

GN Mud Cleaner

Decanter Centrifuge

As the fourth stage equipment in the system, decanter centrifuge is always feeded with the drilling mud by a Submersible slurry pump which installed on the surface of the Mud tank. After the treatment from centrifuge, the solid phase with size no less than 2 μm will be removed from the drilling mud.

GN Decanter Centrifuge

These 4 stages equipments are all necessary in a standard solids control system for the oil & gas well drilling, HDD etc. Sometimes, clients required not all the 4 stages equipments for the application in the the small project, for example waste water cleaning, trenchless project, and so no. GN could offer the whole line equipments for the solids control system besides these 4 stage device. Take the time to contact with us if the need aroused, you will not be disappointed.