GN Solids Control's Decanter Centrifuge

GN'S Decanter Centrifuge


If we put sand and water mixture in a bottle, some time later,  we will see that the sand is settled on the bottle's bottom, while the water is suspended on it.If we put washed clothes in a laundry-drier, a few minites later, we will get almost dry clothes.Combine the two suffestions , simply we will know how a decanter centrifuge works.
Excellent Quality GN's Decanter Centrifuge
Whether you are working towards separating ultra fine solids (2-7micron) or realizing zero discharge dewatering, GN’s decanter centrifuge is a perfect choice. And, GN’s decanter centrifuge is also a optimal option for maximizing barite recovery. Generally, GN’s decanter centrifuge is in the final stage of the whole solids control system to further purify the mud by separating particles of 2-7 microns. GN’s decanter centrifuge’s working is based on gravitational separation. Naturally, a component with a high density will fall to the bottom in a mixture, while the less dense component will be suspended above it. GN’ s decanter centrifuge greatly speeds up the rate of settling with the gravitational force up to 2000 times of normal gravitational force produced by a up to 3000 rpm continuous rotation. 
Why you choose GN's decanter centrifuge, you will get a satisfactory and clear answer.
First,GN is the first API certified solids control company in China, also certified by:Europe DNV CE, HSE, ISO9001, Russia TP&TC..GN Solids America is the first & biggest China owned USA based Solids Control company.
Then,GN's decanter centrifuge adopts many a new designs. For example,tungsten carbide tiles are fixed on the screw to protect it from wear, and the tiles are easier to be replaced.
Last, GN's decanter centrifuge adopts the most carefully selected materials, such as SS2205 material for bowl.
Anti-corrosion Tile to Protect Screw
Definitely, decanter centrifuge will be your perfect choice.