GN Solids Control: Facing The Challenge, Meeting The Opportunity

As a lead manufacture in the “Solids Control Equipment”, GN has been focusing on this industry over 9 years since it was established in 2007.


Compared with the competitors in this industry, Now GN Solids Control has the most complete product categories. From the Shaker to Desander/Desilter/Mud Cleaner, from the Vertical Cuttings Dryer to Decanter Centrifuge, from the Mud Pumps to Shaker Screens, from the Flare Ignitor to Mud Gas Separator/Vacuum Degasser, from the Mud Recycling System used for Oil & Gas Drilling Industry to the Mud Cleaning System used for HDD/Trenchless/Bored Piling/Shield Construction, from the Slurry Separation System used for River Dredging to Mining Drilling/Industrial Waste Management, all you could find GN Solids Control.

For each product, GN Solids Control has developed different models for customer selection. Like the Shale Shaker which is widely used as the 1st-stage separation equipment for treating the mud or slurry in different industries, GN Solids Control has as least 3 models for customer selection. The customers could choose them according to the treatment capacity, application industry.

Another example is the Decanter Centrifuge, from the minimum 9inch to the maximum 22inch, there are 5 models for customer selection. Besides, for each model there are both of the VFD and fix speed.


So GN Solids Control is definitely the lead manufacture in the “Solids Control Equipment”.


Now although all the world economy is suffering and the oil price is low, the business of GN Solids Control is also influenced by the surrounding environment, but GN Solids Control will promise and continue to provide the best products to all the customers, such as guaranteeing the product quality, improving the product performance.


GN Solids Control believes the economy situation will definitely turn better in the future, during this struggling period, GN Solids Control will be brave to face the challenge and welcome the opportunities in the future.   


Finally, if you have any need with the products used for solids control and drilling waste management, welcome to visit our website or contact us at any time. You were promised that the good quality and competitive price will be provided.



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