water-based drilling waste "mud not fall to the ground" system

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Water-based drilling waste (water-based mud, drilling cuttings) is one of the main waste generated in the process of drilling, accounts for about 90% of the total drilling waste.  Before mainly using the way of curing processing, low efficiency and produce secondary pollution to the environment. As governments attention to the environmental protection consciousness, new way of dealing with "mud does not be born" gradually become a new development trend. Hebei GN solid control on drilling waste "mud does not be born" technology research, found that "mud does not be born" system technology has the advantages of short process, small occupation space, but also the low processing equipment standardization and modularization, the drilling cuttings low resource utilization is insufficient, an urgent need to develop and improve the "mud not fall to the ground" of new technology, new equipment integration and optimization, to satisfy the requirement of the oil and gas exploration and development of environmental protection.

"GN water-based drilling waste mud not fall to the ground" system is the main equipment are: drilling fluid shale shaker, vertical cutting dryer, decanter centrifuge, desander, desilter, drilling fluid mud cleaner, vacuum degasser, liquid gas separator, sand pump, screw conveyor, etc. Reasonable allocation according to the different project situation, effectively reduce the moisture content of cuttings, achieve the goal of mud not be born dry processing.

GN solid control under the condition of the current market downturn in the field of oil and gas pay more attention to the study of the technique and technology products and innovation, improve the comprehensive competitiveness of products, change the development ideas, to strengthen the brand construction, internationalization development new way of thinking.GN solid control of the latest development of water-based drilling waste "mud not fall to the ground" with drilling system have been sold to many countries and regions, domestic has various drilling in shengli oilfield and wushen banner area the successful application, and many of our clients.

GN solid Control goal is in the drilling industry and build a world-class respected brand around the world: designed.the GN Solids Control


The effect of barite in oil field drilling

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In the drilling mud recycling system, customers often order some decanter centrifuge from us to recycle barite in the drilling fluids. So what is the barite? What is it used for in oil well drilling.

Barite is barium sulfate (BaSO 4) as the main composition of non-metallic minerals, pure barite show white, luster, due to the influence of impurities and foreign matter also often appears grey, light red, light yellow, etc., crystallization is quite a good barite can also be a transparent crystal.The hardness of barite is 3 ~ 3.5 (mohs), specific gravity is 4.3 ~ 4.7, than the big, low hardness, brittle characteristics.Barite chemically stable, insoluble in water and hydrochloric acid, nonmagnetic and toxicityBarite is a kind of very important non-metal mineral raw materials, has a wide range of industrial applications

1, drilling mud weighting agent
In some oil and gas well drilling, the general use of drilling mud, clay proportion of 25 or so, the proportion of water is 1, so the mud weight is low, sometimes the mud weight can't with underground oil and gas pressure balance, has caused the blowout accident.Under the condition of the underground pressure is higher, you need to increase the mud weight, added to the mud barite powder is an effective measure to increase the mud weight. For drilling mud barite general fineness to achieve more than 325 mesh, such as inadequate barite fineness is prone to precipitation. Drilling mud with barite for weighting is greater than 4.2, BaSO4 content not less than 95%, less than 1% soluble salts.

2, lithopone pigment
Lithopone is a commonly used high quality white pigments, can be used as paint, paint raw materials. Heat the barium sulfate, using the original agent can be reverted to barium sulfide (BaS), and then react with zinc sulfate (ZnSO4) to get a mixture of zinc sulfide and barium sulfate (BaSO4 accounted for 70%, ZnS 30%) administered as lithopone paint. Barite requirements of producing lithopone BaSO4 content is greater than 95%, at the same time should contain no visible color clutter.

Normally decanter centrifuge is used for separate barite. This will be a very cost effective solutions for clients.


The Features of Centrifuge Manufactured by GN Solid Control (1)

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At once the “2016 OTC Exhibition” will be hold on May 2-5 in Houston.

At the exhibition, the Centrifuge, Vertical Dryer and Shaker Screens that manufactured by GN Solids Control will be showed.


Today, in this article we give a introduction about the features of GN’s centrifuge so that people could learn about its knowledge in advance.

1.      In the drilling industry, the drilling fluid (usually it is also called drilling mud) is necessary for the drilling. During the drilling operation, the cuttings will go into the fluid and affect the property of mud, such as its density, viscosity will be changed and influence the drilling performance, so the drilling fluid needs to be treated constantly before recycling use it. The centrifuge will be used for treating the fluid;


2.      Compared the Shaker, Desander, Desilter, the centrifuge is mainly used for separating out the very fine solid particles, its cut point is about 2-5 microns for GN’s Centrifuge;


3.      GN’s Centrifuge is the high-speed centrifuge. Drum and Helical Pusher inside the drum are the main working parts, their working speeds usually are above 3000RPM. The working principle of centrifuge is by the centrifugal force. Based on different densities between solid phase and liquid phase, the fluid in the centrifuge will form 2 rings: outside is the solid ring, inside is the liquid ring. The more higher rotation speed, the much better treatment effect.


Besides, there is the speed differential between the drum and helical pusher (the speed of helical pusher is a little lower than drum, usually 0-40RPM). The separated solid particles will be pushed by the helical pusher to the discharge port and finally be discharged out;


And as the liquid level inside of drum rises, the separated liquid will spill out from the outlet;


Welcome you contact us or visit our booth at the exhibition for learning more about our centrifuge and other products.



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In this article, we will mainly introduce the wide application of the Agitators manufactured by GN Solids Control.

Agitator, one of the important equipment for mud system, is mainly installed on the mud tanks for agitating the drilling fluids and avoiding solid particles to deposit to tank bottom.

As showed in below picture, GN could provide different models of agitator for customer selection, the motor power is from 3Kw to 22Kw.

1. Working Diagram

Electrical operated, the motor connect with the gearbox directly, then the gearbox drives the agitator shaft. There is impeller fixed on the agitator shaft, the impeller rotates and the drilling fluids will be agitated.


2. The key features:

GN JBQ series agitator has below features,

1). Adopting high quality parts like SOG brand oil seal and SKF brand bearing for better performance and longer service life;

2).With the electrical control box, all the components are from world-famous brands like SIEMENS/Schneider/CHINT for more reliable performance;

3).The motor and electrical control panel are  explosion proof, different Ex Standards for customer selection like ExdⅡBt4/IECEX/A-TEX;

4). Coupler is left out, direct flanged connection for more compact structure and enabling stable speed of impeller;

5). 45° inclined impeller design, guarantee more turnover of drilling fluids and more better agitation effect;

6). Standard Components: SS304 or Dacromet coatings material;

7). Coating & Painting: Japan Kansai or US Dupont or Meishibang Zinc-rich epoxy paint;

8). Start Mode: Direct starting and higher efficiency;


3. Model Selection

To ensure the good agitation effect, proper agitation model must be selected.

These conditions need to be considered in order to select a proper agitator, such as the tank volume, tank depth, the gravity of drilling fluids, desirable agitation effect, etc.

Usually 1 impeller will be equipped when the motor power is below 7.5Kw; 2 impellers will be equipped when the motor power are over 11Kw (11kw included).

Specific model will be selected according to onsite situation and customer requirement.


Finally, if you want to learn more about GN’s Agitator, welcome to visit GN’s website and contact us.


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In this article, we will mainly introduce the wide application of the centrifugal pump manufactured by GN Solids Control.

As a special and top manufacture of solids control equipment in the world, like Shakers, Centrifuge, Mud Cleaner, Centrifugal Pumps are also 1 of the main products manufactured by GN Solids Control.

As what showed below, GN provides the centrifugal pumps from 15HP to 100HP to the different customers from global market.

 1. The application field of GN centrifugal pumps;

1). Oil & Gas Drilling Solids Control System;

2). HDD Drilling Mud Recycling Unit;

3). CBM Drilling Mud Cleaning Unit;

4). Water Well, Geothermal Drilling Mud System;

5). Liquid Mud Plant;


2. The Functions of GN Centrifugal Pumps

1). As trip pump for transferring mud from trip tank;

2). As Feeding pump for Desander & Desilter;

3). As Feeding pump for Decanter Centrifuge;

4). As Mud mixing pump;

5). As Mud pump super charging pump;

6). As Drilling fluids transferring pump;


3. The advantages of GN Centrifugal Pumps

1). All GN centrifugal pumps adopt Tungsten Carbide Mechanical Seal, the sealing effect could be more better and guarantees the pump has a longer life;

2). The bearings come from world-famous brands and have high quality, such as FAG brand bearing from Germany for longer life;

3). All the parts of GN centrifugal pump are interchangeable with NOV Mission Pump;

4). Start Mode: Direct Starting for the pumps under 30HP; Star-delta Starting for the pumps between 40-100HP;

5). All the electrical components are from world-famous brands like SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER, CHINT, which guarantees the pump could work steadily and all the components have longer life. Meanwhile, it could be easily to source the parts from local market;

6). There are different Explosion Standards, such as EXdⅡBt4, IECEX, ATEX that could meet different customer options;

7). The Open impeller design lowers the axial thrust loads and makes it easier for installation, repair and maintenance.


Finally, If you want to learn more about GN’s Centrifugal Pump, welcome to visit GN’s website and contact us.