GN Decanter Centrifuge Working for America Transocean Offshore Rig

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GN solids control is the 1st API certified solids control equipment and system company in China, in the next few years, GN solids control is also certified by CE which is always required when exported to Europe. With these certificates, GN product has been exported to more than 60 countries all over the world, especially GN decanter centrifuge. Each year, about one hundred sets of GN decanter centrifuge, both fixed speed and varied speed are exported, and 70% of them to Africa and the Middle East, also to Europe and America. Recently one of GN sales after team came back after finishing service for American Transocean Offshore Rig, bring GN solids control valuable drilling site data. This customer uses GN varied speed decanter centrifuge to separated fine solids, and reduce the mud weight. In this work site, two sets of decanter centrifuge are used, one from Baker Hughes Drilling Fluids Environmental Service, the other from the customer purchasing GN decanter centrifuge to do this service. Sometimes, only one decanter centrifuge is used, while sometimes both of the two are used when the treating capacity is required larger.

When doing service, our sales team really encountered some problem and challenges. The first one is that the feeding pump is installed lower from the decanter centrifuge because of the small space on the offshore drilling platform. And then the feeding pipe from the pump to decanter centrifuge are very tortuous with steel pipe and rubber pipe. GN professional engineers proposed solutions after carefully check and analyze the layout in working site. And then the feeding pump works well, delivering mud to the decanter centrifuge to process stably. GN solids control is really an expert on solids control equipment, especially on GN decanter centrifuge.