INTRODUCTION 3.2: GN Desander’s Application in Treating the Drilling Fluid

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Different customers have different requirements with the desander, like different treatment capacities, different configurations and so on, in this article we will mainly talk about the different types of desanders made by GN Solids Control Company for customer option.

1. Firstly we will talk about the different options of treatment capacity with the Desander.


 As we know, the main part of 1 desander is the hydrocyclone. For GN’s desander, each hyrocyclone is 10inch and the treatment capacity is 120m³/h. So the quantity of the hydrocyclone is optional based on customer’s requirements. Such as below,        

2. Sometimes, the customer needs compact structure as limited by floor space but complete functions, GN could also provide different corresponding configurations for customer option, the details are as below,

2.1. Desander & Shale Shaker AIO (all in one) machine. 



The desander could be combined together with different types of shale shaker.

·For the Oil & Gas Drilling with small rig, CBM drilling, HDD, water well drilling and so on, customer could choose the desander combined together with a mini shale shaker to get an economic choice and acceptable drying solids;

·When customer needs the big treatment with compact structure, like for the Oil & Gas Drilling with big rig, large HDD rig, Tunneling Boring Machine and so on, the densander combined together with a big shale shaker is available.

2.2. Desander & Desilter & Shale Shaker AIO (all in one) machine

As we introduce it before, this machine is also called “Mud Cleaner”. Different types of desander, desilter and shale shaker are combined together and many different configurations are gotten for customer option.

The details are as below,

Besides, while the 3 equipment are combined together, but they all work independently and the desander and desilter are demountable when customer only needs the shaker.

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