INTRODUCTION 4: GN Desilter’s Application in Treating the Drilling Fluid

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Desilter, which is another kind of solids control equipment for treating the drilling fluid. In this article, we will mainly introduce the Desilter made by GN Solids Control.

Actually compared with the desander, the desilter has the same working principle, similar structure and different configurations for customer option.

Usually desilter is matched together with the shale shaker and desander and used for doing the 3rd-stage separation with the drilling fluid.

Most of the big sizes of drilling cuttings over 40μm will be separated after being treated by the shale shaker and desander. In next step the drilling fluid goes into the desilter and most of the solid particles over 20μm are separated out from the fluid and the drilling fluid become much more clear.

The main part of desilter is also the hydrocyclones, but the size is different with the desander’s. Each hydrocyclone used on GN’s Desilter are 4 inches and its standard treatment capacity is 20m³/h. Usually 8 units, 12 units or 16 units of hydrocyclone are standard configuration on GN’s Desilter, the corresponding standard treatment capacity is 120m³/h, 240m³/h and 360m³/h. It is also customized and the customer could choose specific quantity of hydrocyclone for different treatment capacity.

In most of the time the desilter is recommend by GN Solids Control to be combined together with 1 shale shaker (the desilter & shale shaker AIO), as the separated solids particles could be further dried by through the shale shaker’s screen and the drying effect could be better, especially for the weighted drilling mud.

Sometimes, the customer needs the desilter, shale shaker and desander to be combined together and turned into an all in one machine because of being limited to the space, Now GN has the “Mud Cleaner” for customer option.

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