INTRODUCTION 5.3: The Decanter Centrifuge Made by GN Solids Control Company

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In this article, we will continue to introduce the key features with GN’s decanter centrifuge.


  • Easily adjustable fluid outlet on the drum;


Sometimes in order to change the drying degree of solids or clarity of liquid, the size of fluid outlet on the drum needs to be changed by customer.

With GN’s centrifuge, there are 6 fluid outlets at the big end of the drum and there is a cover plate mounted on each outlet by bolts. It just needs to loosen the bolts and angle the cover plate and the outlet size could be changed easily.

  • Feeding fluid from the big end of centrifuge;


With all GN’s centrifuges, the drilling fluid goes into the centrifuge from its big end. Compared with feeding fluid from the small end of centrifuge, on some extent it will improve the working efficiency by feeding fluid from the big end of centrifuge.


  • Parts from world-famous suppliers;

1.The bearing is 1 of the most important parts for the centrifuge. With GN’s centrifuge, all the bearings are world-famous brands like SKF (Switzerland brand), NSK (Japan Brand), FAG (Germany Brand).

2. All the electrical components used in the electric cabinet are also from famous brands like SCHNEIDER (France Brand), SIEMENS (Germany Brand), CHINT (China Brand), ABB(Switzerland Brand).

For example, for the inverter of GN’s variable speed centrifuge, it is from ABB Group.

By adopting these high-quality parts, GN guarantees to provide the best centrifuge with perfect work performance and longer life to all the customers from the world.


  • Explosion-proof property;

1. Exd Standard;

2. Positive Pressure Type;

Both the motors and electric cabinet with GN’s centrifuge get through the IEC and ATEX certification and could meet the explosion-proof requirement in developed countries.


  • PLC intelligent control

For the electric cabinet of GN’s variable speed centrifuge, it has a graphic user interface and is PLC intelligent control, which could achieve centrifuge’s self-protection and guarantee its most effective work.