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In this article, we will mainly introduce the wide application of the Agitators manufactured by GN Solids Control.

Agitator, one of the important equipment for mud system, is mainly installed on the mud tanks for agitating the drilling fluids and avoiding solid particles to deposit to tank bottom.

As showed in below picture, GN could provide different models of agitator for customer selection, the motor power is from 3Kw to 22Kw.

1. Working Diagram

Electrical operated, the motor connect with the gearbox directly, then the gearbox drives the agitator shaft. There is impeller fixed on the agitator shaft, the impeller rotates and the drilling fluids will be agitated.


2. The key features:

GN JBQ series agitator has below features,

1). Adopting high quality parts like SOG brand oil seal and SKF brand bearing for better performance and longer service life;

2).With the electrical control box, all the components are from world-famous brands like SIEMENS/Schneider/CHINT for more reliable performance;

3).The motor and electrical control panel are  explosion proof, different Ex Standards for customer selection like ExdⅡBt4/IECEX/A-TEX;

4). Coupler is left out, direct flanged connection for more compact structure and enabling stable speed of impeller;

5). 45° inclined impeller design, guarantee more turnover of drilling fluids and more better agitation effect;

6). Standard Components: SS304 or Dacromet coatings material;

7). Coating & Painting: Japan Kansai or US Dupont or Meishibang Zinc-rich epoxy paint;

8). Start Mode: Direct starting and higher efficiency;


3. Model Selection

To ensure the good agitation effect, proper agitation model must be selected.

These conditions need to be considered in order to select a proper agitator, such as the tank volume, tank depth, the gravity of drilling fluids, desirable agitation effect, etc.

Usually 1 impeller will be equipped when the motor power is below 7.5Kw; 2 impellers will be equipped when the motor power are over 11Kw (11kw included).

Specific model will be selected according to onsite situation and customer requirement.


Finally, if you want to learn more about GN’s Agitator, welcome to visit GN’s website and contact us.


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