The Features of Centrifuge Manufactured by GN Solid Control (1)

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At once the “2016 OTC Exhibition” will be hold on May 2-5 in Houston.

At the exhibition, the Centrifuge, Vertical Dryer and Shaker Screens that manufactured by GN Solids Control will be showed.


Today, in this article we give a introduction about the features of GN’s centrifuge so that people could learn about its knowledge in advance.

1.      In the drilling industry, the drilling fluid (usually it is also called drilling mud) is necessary for the drilling. During the drilling operation, the cuttings will go into the fluid and affect the property of mud, such as its density, viscosity will be changed and influence the drilling performance, so the drilling fluid needs to be treated constantly before recycling use it. The centrifuge will be used for treating the fluid;


2.      Compared the Shaker, Desander, Desilter, the centrifuge is mainly used for separating out the very fine solid particles, its cut point is about 2-5 microns for GN’s Centrifuge;


3.      GN’s Centrifuge is the high-speed centrifuge. Drum and Helical Pusher inside the drum are the main working parts, their working speeds usually are above 3000RPM. The working principle of centrifuge is by the centrifugal force. Based on different densities between solid phase and liquid phase, the fluid in the centrifuge will form 2 rings: outside is the solid ring, inside is the liquid ring. The more higher rotation speed, the much better treatment effect.


Besides, there is the speed differential between the drum and helical pusher (the speed of helical pusher is a little lower than drum, usually 0-40RPM). The separated solid particles will be pushed by the helical pusher to the discharge port and finally be discharged out;


And as the liquid level inside of drum rises, the separated liquid will spill out from the outlet;


Welcome you contact us or visit our booth at the exhibition for learning more about our centrifuge and other products.



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