water-based drilling waste "mud not fall to the ground" system

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Water-based drilling waste (water-based mud, drilling cuttings) is one of the main waste generated in the process of drilling, accounts for about 90% of the total drilling waste.  Before mainly using the way of curing processing, low efficiency and produce secondary pollution to the environment. As governments attention to the environmental protection consciousness, new way of dealing with "mud does not be born" gradually become a new development trend. Hebei GN solid control on drilling waste "mud does not be born" technology research, found that "mud does not be born" system technology has the advantages of short process, small occupation space, but also the low processing equipment standardization and modularization, the drilling cuttings low resource utilization is insufficient, an urgent need to develop and improve the "mud not fall to the ground" of new technology, new equipment integration and optimization, to satisfy the requirement of the oil and gas exploration and development of environmental protection.

"GN water-based drilling waste mud not fall to the ground" system is the main equipment are: drilling fluid shale shaker, vertical cutting dryer, decanter centrifuge, desander, desilter, drilling fluid mud cleaner, vacuum degasser, liquid gas separator, sand pump, screw conveyor, etc. Reasonable allocation according to the different project situation, effectively reduce the moisture content of cuttings, achieve the goal of mud not be born dry processing.

GN solid control under the condition of the current market downturn in the field of oil and gas pay more attention to the study of the technique and technology products and innovation, improve the comprehensive competitiveness of products, change the development ideas, to strengthen the brand construction, internationalization development new way of thinking.GN solid control of the latest development of water-based drilling waste "mud not fall to the ground" with drilling system have been sold to many countries and regions, domestic has various drilling in shengli oilfield and wushen banner area the successful application, and many of our clients.

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