• Tunnel Shield Project 500gpm Mud System to Thailand
  • Solids Control Equipment Exported to Indonesia
 Tunnel Shield Project 500gpm Mud System to Thailand

Tunnel Shield Project 500gpm Mud System to Thailand

Shield Method is one fully mechanized underground construction Method. The shield ...
Solids Control Equipment Exported to Indonesia

Solids Control Equipment Exported to Indonesia

Indonesia once is the unique OPEC nations from Asia. The prove...

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GN Decanter Centrifuges Delivered to Europe With ATEX and DNV Certification

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For a global famous manufacturer regarding decanter centrifuge, GN Solids Control just provided yet another set of high configuration decanter centrifuge to one European clientele. This centrifuge can be used for any explosion worksite as it produced and certified with the ATEX certification. And the DNV moving certification is also strictly conformed as they centrifuge will be used for that offshore oil and gas drilling.
GN Solids Control now producers over 350 sets in order to 500 sets decanter centrifuge every year. As GN Number 2 plant started to produce last February, GN Solids Control can provide decanter centrifuge with a faster speed. A lot of decanter centrifuges are stocking in GN factory, if we get the order, our staff just need some time to assemble often the motors and do some important testing work before depart factory.
GN decanter centrifuges are widely used in globally sites for various places, most of them are using in oil and coal industry for oil slurry or drill cuttings parting, some centrifuges are also used to get industry slurry separation or maybe well drilling solids control etc . Many world famous internet businesses are using GN decanter centrifuges due to the excellent working overall performance and long time reliable drilling work without broken down. Companies like Baker Hughes, Shell, Bariod etc are using GN decanter centrifuges.

decanter centrifuge
GN Solids Control manufactures some different models, including GNLW363 is the most welcome centrifuge due to the most cost-effective characteristics. GNLW363 centrifuge has just one 14 inch rotating pan which is made by centrifugal spreading. GN Solids Control often using the best material so as to have the highest working performance. Around the screw propeller, GN is definitely hundreds of tungsten carbide mosaic glass along the edge which help GN decanter centrifuge work for some sort of quite long time without don too much.
Now there are some decanter centrifuges ,shale shaker, mud cleaner , shear pump, mud agitator, Mud Gas Separator , etc. are available in GN Houston warehouse. Welcome to talk with us for your solids control demands.

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