• Tunnel Shield Project 500gpm Mud System to Thailand
  • Solids Control Equipment Exported to Indonesia
 Tunnel Shield Project 500gpm Mud System to Thailand

Tunnel Shield Project 500gpm Mud System to Thailand

Shield Method is one fully mechanized underground construction Method. The shield ...
Solids Control Equipment Exported to Indonesia

Solids Control Equipment Exported to Indonesia

Indonesia once is the unique OPEC nations from Asia. The prove...

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Change the mud flow on GN Solids America LLC's centrifugal pump

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During the drilling operation, regardless the type of drilling, if the mud flow need to change due to drilling condition changes, please consider change location of the pump.  The change of mud flow as in below:

centrifugal pump

  1. Consider install control valve on the outlet pipe of the centrifugal pump.  By change the valve opening for the mud flow, it change the characteristic curve shown on the flow of pipeline. The valve opening, the working point away from the longitudinal axis; the valve is small, the working point near the longitudinal axis.  The good result of this method is easy to do and flexible for the setting.  The bad is when valve is close, the pressure of pipe rise and flow energy is lost that leads to the centrifugal pump do not work in maximum efficiency.  Using the method of changing the valve opening to regulate the flow rate in the flow regulation range, and often need to adjust the occasion.
  2. Consider change the centrifugal pump' s working speed.  It regulation of the mud flow lead more economical operation because it does not have the energy loss caused by throttling.  However, this requirement can be used to change the speed of the original motor to operate, By increase speed  of motor that change speed of turbine, r and hydraulic coupling, the motor power supply lines in the installation of frequency converter.
  3. Change the  impeller diameter, , so that the working point of the pump change. This is suitable for the needs of long-term flow regulation, and the impeller cutting amount should not be too large, otherwise it will cause the efficiency of the centrifugal pump.


GNSB centrifuge pump manufactured by GN Solids America LLC is the mud feeding machinery for solid control equipment in mud cleaning system.




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