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Mud cleaning systems

Mud cleaning systems

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Mud cleaning systems are critical in the drilling process as they protect system components by reducing the solids/sand content in the drilling fluid. Cleaner fluid means longer life and longer life for the entire mud cleaning and pumping system. Reducing the solids content also allows the drilling fluid to carry sand more efficiently from the borehole, thereby achieving better borehole retention and significantly increasing permeability. It also solves environmental and processing problems and saves a lot of money.

GN's mud cleaning system is modular in design and easy to transport. The mud system mainly consists of five parts: mud vibrating screen, vibrating screen, hydrocyclone (desander, desilter), mud tank, electric motor and centrifugal pump. Most of GN's shale shakers use linear motion for coarse separation. It separates the size of the solids primarily through the screen. For screens, GN can now make its OEM screens with the GN brand, as well as make some famous replacement screens such as DERRICK, MI-SWACO and BRANDT. After the shale shaker, the mud is pumped through a centrifugal pump into a hydrocyclone that uses centrifugal force to separate the solids from the liquid. It can separate solids to 20 microns. Mud tanks usually have 3 compartments to keep the mud from different stages of separation. The size and capacity will depend on the rig size and fluid flow rate. GN can now manufacture and supply all components of high quality and low cost. This is a brief introduction to the mud cleaning system.

I hope it will be useful to you. GN has more reliable control systems that can be used in different operating environments to help you achieve your goals easily and economically. Welcome to, please send your questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.