Oil Sludges Treament system

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GN Solids Control is an industry-leading manufacturer of solid state control equipment, established in Tangshan, China in 2007. Since then we have focused on quality and performance. After 11 years of hard work and network construction, we have become a very important player in the global industrial/oil and gas market.

With the rapid development of oil and gas exploration and production technology, the traditional mud recovery system has been gradually replaced by an automated, systematic, closed-loop mud recovery system. Cutting dryers are increasingly being used with solids control systems in rigs to meet critical environmental requirements. Cutting dryers can meet environmental requirements, recover and recycle more materials for reuse.

Oil Sludge is the type of complex slurry mixed with many different type of material like waste oil, waste water, sand, and other minerals. Oil productions creates large amount of oil sludge everyday, and it is a main concern for many environmental problems. Because it contents many hazard chemicals. Therefore it can not be just simply land-filled. It also has many believes as much as 40% recyclable oil. These sludges must be treated and rendered harmless prior to treatment. The bioremediation process can be used for this purpose.

Our system includes main equipment like : our Vacuum pump, shale shaker, decanter centrifuges, centrifugal pumps, screw pumps and even oil-water separator. GN is the only few Chinese manufacturer can provide the complete system all design and manufactured by our factory. So we will be able to provide 24/7 on site technical services, and spare parts supplies. We have serviced our own equipment world wide in countries like the U.S, Canada, Australia, etc. As a leading manufacturer of shale shakers, mud washers, decanter centrifuges, cutting dryers, centrifugal pumps, etc., GN's new No. 2 equipment has just been put into production, which will increase its manufacturing capacity to 5,000 shale vibrations. screen. 

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