GN’s New Shipment to Russia

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The production of 3 sets of solid control equipment ordered by Russian customers has been completed and has been sent to the customer's job site through acceptance. For the repeat order of the order customer, the equipment provided by GN Solids Solid Control will be installed on a mud tank made in Russia.


GN Solids Solid Control can provide a complete mud solid control system including mud tanks. Some international customers choose to purchase or make mud tanks locally in order to save transportation costs, and order equipment capable of solid control of the crown to reduce the overall mud solid control system. cost.


1. 9 sets of drilling fluid vibrating screen---high G drilling fluid vibrating screen, G force adjustable up to 7.5G, used for separation of large particle solid phase in drilling fluid. The structure of the four screens greatly increases the separation area, and the screen uses a composite material with a longer service life.


3 sets of mud cleaners---For the convenience of maintenance, the crown can be used for the same type of vibrating screen on the cleaner. The cyclone is made of 100% polyurethane and has excellent wear resistance. 2 and the de-dusting cyclone and 12 de-dusting cyclone configuration capacity up to 1000GPM.


9 centrifugal pumps - the slurry for the slurry cleaner and the treated mud are fed into the perfusion pump of the mud pump. GN Solids solid-controlled centrifugal pump is interchangeable with Mission centrifugal pump


4. six sets of centrifuge - centrifuge to remove fine solid particles in the drilling fluid. When the centrifuge reaches a speed of 3200 RPM, solids larger than 5 microns will be separated. Each centrifuge is equipped with a screw pump as the slurry pump for the centrifuge. The stable flow rate of the screw pump is ideal for the centrifuge.


Three sets of jet mixing equipment---In the preparation of mud, a mixing hopper is needed to add chemicals to the drilling fluid. The structure of the mixing pump and the mixing funnel manifold is convenient for the customer's equipment layout and use.


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