GN Solids Control is never rest till we have the best product and Tech in the Market.

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GN Solids Control. is a manufacturer mainly engaged in the production of oil drilling supporting equipment, namely drilling mud solid control equipment and waste mud recycling equipment. The company is headquartered in Chaobaihe Industry, 40 kilometers away from Beijing Capital Airport. District, convenient transportation, geographical location and superiority, can facilitate the majority of customers to visit and guide the factory.
In recent years, GN Solid Control has vigorously developed the international market. At this stage, it has set up a branch in the US oil city-Houston and established a warehouse to ensure the inventory of its own equipment and consumables in the US and other nearby markets. Occupation rate and enhanced after-sales service guarantee, the company's products can compete with the international top solid-control equipment manufacturers, and strive to improve the quality and reputation of "made in China". In addition, the company has established branches or offices in the Russian capital Moscow and the Middle East. Up to now, Guanneng products have been exported to more than 60 countries around the world, and the product quality is widely recognized by domestic and international customers.
In the past three years, the oil market has gone from bad to worse, but Guanneng Petroleum has not stopped the development of new products. In order to meet the market demand, GN Solid Control has recently developed a drill cutting vacuum pump for conveying high solid content and high viscosity materials. . The research and development of the oil desorption system for oily sludge has not stopped. The oil content of the sludge treated by this system can be controlled to less than 0.3%, which can meet the strict environmental protection requirements of China and the internationally accepted processing requirements.
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