An efficient way to treat oil contaminated land

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Crude oil exploration and production has been in existence for over 100 years. It revolutionized industry and how people live in this planet, and greatly improve the quality of life. However, it also bring many side effect on the earth, oil contamination is one of them.

Oil contamination is a frequently encountered in the exploration and production of crude oil, such us drilling process, oil well workover,  well tesingt and other operations performed on oil wells. Once the land is contaminated, it will take centuries for the land to remediate. Oil contamination is a big challenge to environment protection.

GN Solids Control is mindful of this thread to lives on the earth and has been performing R&D work to resolve this problem. The result is the oil sludge treatment system.

The major achieve of this system is the effectively separation of oil from water and solids, turning contaminated land into arable, and recovered oil can be used again.

The treatment process is to mix the contaminated soil with chemicals and water, properly stirred, then send it to a GN shale shaker, which separate big solids particles from the liquid. Then the liquid is sent to a secondary mixing tank to be treated with chemicals. After that the liquid is sent to GN decanter centrifuge to further separate solids from liquid employing the super strong separation force of GN decanter centrifuge. Liquid from the decanter centrifuge is sent to GN three phase disc separator to segregate oil, water and solids. The oil can be re-utilized while the water can be used to treat fresh contaminants.

The advantage of such system is its speed. The maximum capability of GN oil sludge treatment system is 30m3/h, and bigger process capability system can be customized. In other words, it can clean an entire well site in one day.

As more and more stringent environment protection policies are implemented, oil contamination job will be increased, the market is promising.

GN Solids Control is continuing its effort to put into the market more efficient oil sludge treatment system to make its contribution to the society.