Why decenter centrifuge’s design is crucial

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Decanter centrifuge is everywhere in the industry, it is so important that it is used almost in every corner of the industry.

Because we are familiar with centrifugal force, we take for granted that decanter centrifuge is a simple machine. To some extent it is true as it is a long barrel on a pair of bearings rotating at high speed. However, it is not that simple. Designing and application of decanter centrifuges require a lot careful planning and coorindation.

The first consideration is the inlet zone, where slurry to be separated enters into rotation bowl. The most important consideration of this part is to minimize the degradation of solids, because degradation can disturb the settlement of solids on bowl wall. Many manufacturers have particular design for specific application to make this purpose.

The second and the most important consideration is the rotation bowl. On one site it needs to be strong enough to withstand the huge centrifugal force being exerted on bowl wall. Just remember G force on the rotation bowl can be as high as 3000 G. In other words one KG of solids can becomes 3 tons heavy. If there is 500KG of solids in the rotating bowl, it would be 1500 ton heavy. The rotating bow need to be extremely strong to undertake this force. GN Solids Control uses duplex stainless steel to make rotating bowl, which is much stronger than regular 304 and 316 stainless steel.

The other consideration of rotating bowl is its resistance of erosion and corrosion. There exists big speed difference between solids and rotating bowl thus there will be potential of big erosion. Also there are numerous number of materials to be separated including some very corrosive material. Rotating bowl needs to be able to resist such erosion and corrosion to provide long service life of the decanter centrifuge.