Centrifuge Feed Pump

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GN G Series Centrifuge feed pump is a positive displacement pump, also called a screw pump. A screw pump uses one or several screws to move fluids or solids along the screw(s) axis. In its simplest form (the Archimedes' screw pump), a single screw rotates in a cylindrical cavity, thereby moving the material along the screw's spindle. This ancient construction is still used in many low-tech applications, such as irrigation systems and in agricultural machinery for transporting grain and other solids. The GNG positive displacement pump is an ideal pump for feeding to decanter centrifuge without shearing or agitating the drilling mud. The main parts are the screw shaft (rotor) and screw shaft bushing (stator). Because of the special geometry shape of the two parts, they form pressurize capacity separately. The fluids flow along with the shaft, inner flow speed is slow, capacity remains, the pressure is steady, so it will not generate vortex and agitating. The shaft of the pump is made from Stainless steel, GNG series pump is available for option with complete stainless-steel body.

Features of GN G Centrifuge Feed Pump

GN G centrifuge feed pump can drive by the coupler, or adjust the speed by using variable speed motor, Triangle V-belt, gearbox, etc. G series positive displacement pump is with fewer accessories, compact structure, small volume, easy maintenance, rotor, and stator are wearing parts of this pump, it is convenient to replace. The stator is made of elastomeric material, so it has advantages than other pumps to transfer the fluids with high viscosity and hard suspended particles included.

Another Centrifuge feed pump

GN G Series Positive Displacement Pump is the most popular centrifuge feeding pump, but for some applications, the drilling industry also uses the horizontal centrifugal pump and submersible slurry pump to feed drilling mud to the decanter centrifuge.

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