Some Advice on The Operation Process of Decanter Centrifuge

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Some Advice on The Operation Process of Decanter Centrifuge

In order to achieve a better performance during the separation process of decanter centrifuge, the following advice are provided by GN :

(1) In order to make the decanter centrifuge as stable as possible, it is required to keep the flow, concentration and temperature of the supply stable. This is very important for the continuous running process. The decanter centrifuge feed is stable and the clarification of its outlet The flow and concentration of liquid and solid residue can be kept constant, and the process equipment connected to the decanter centrifuge can also work in a stable state, which can ensure the stability of the entire system. In order to achieve this purpose, the materials must enter a storage tank with a stirrer before entering the decanter centrifuge. The solid-liquid is made homogeneous by stirring, and then the feed liquid is quantitatively fed into the decanter centrifuge through a flow meter by a screw pump.

(2) For those materials that are highly abrasive to equipment, it is recommended to remove coarse particles first, which can greatly improve the wear on equipment. In order to prevent decanter centrifuge from blocking, coarse particles larger than the required diameter should be removed before entering the decanter centrifuge. In order to prevent the fibrous material from entering the decanter centrifuge and blocking the material port, which will cause the machine to vibrate, in the sludge dewatering process of urban sewage treatment, a sludge cutter is installed in the decanter centrifuge feed pipe, so that the pipe and screw The clogging of pumps and decanter centrifuges has basically improved.

(3) A flexible connection must be used between the pipeline connected to the inlet and outlet of the decanter centrifuge to prevent the vibration transmission.


(4) Before the decanter centrifuge is stopped, the remaining material in the drum must be cleaned to prevent the drum from being out of balance due to the presence of the residual material, which will cause the excitation vibration at the next stop. Therefore, a water inlet must be configured at the machine inlet to facilitate cleaning when the machine is stopped.

(5) Lifting tools need to be installed in the decanter centrifuge operation workshop for easy maintenance. The control instrument of the decanter centrifuge should be placed in a room with better conditions to ensure the normal operation of the instrument.