How to use the Decanter centrifuge to extend Its lifespan?

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How to use the Decanter centrifuge to extend Its lifespan?

Just like people, the use of objects is inseparable from daily maintenance, especially those precision instruments, which require meticulous maintenance. A well-maintained decanter centrifuge not only works better, but also extends its service life by three to five years.

Experts warn everyone that in charge of the maintenance of the decanter centrifuge must pay attention to the following aspects which are very important to extend the lifespan of the decanter centrifuge:

   The daily maintenance of decanter centrifuges is mainly to prevent contamination, dust and oil contamination in the decanter centrifuge chamber. Before and after each experiment, clean the oil, water vapor, sample leakage and the table surface in the decanter centrifuge chamber with a clean white silk cloth. Do not open the door casually when not in use to avoid contamination. The sealing rubber ring of the door should be well sealed, and should be coated with vacuum sealing grease after a period of use. If the sealing ring is found to be aging, cracked or lose its elasticity, it should be replaced immediately. The switches, knobs and fault indicators on the control panel should be in good contact. If abnormalities and faults are found during operation, the machine should be shut down for maintenance immediately.

  Secondly, the internal systems of the decanter centrifuge should be carefully maintained and overhauled once a year. The suspicious part of the instrument should be checked and cleaned of the dirt and dust in the FI| part. When it is not used for a long time, it should be regularly energized to start the oil circulation and refrigeration system to ensure that the pipe is unblocked.

   The decanter centrifuge drive system is the heart of the centrifuge. Abnormal phenomena in any part of the high-speed motor, variable speed gear, rotating bearing and sliding bearing will affect the normal operation of the instrument.