Safety instructions for decanter centrifuge

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Decanter centrifuge is a high-speed rotating equipment. When operating and maintaining the equipment, you must strictly abide by the operation and maintenance procedures to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the equipment. We recommend following practical rules in actual use.


   1. Cultivate the good habit of paying attention to safety at all times to avoid human body damage or equipment damage.

   2. Before installing, operating and maintaining the equipment, you should understand the structure of the equipment and be familiar with the contents of this manual.

   3. Safety protection measures should be taken when operating the centrifuge or working close to the centrifuge.

      4. Before disassembling wires or overhauling the centrifuge, you must cut off the motor starter, fuse box or line switching power supply. Before starting the overhaul of the equipment, you must check again and confirm that the power supply has been cut. In order to prevent accidental startup of the device and write errors.

  5. If the equipment is remotely controlled or automatically operated, a sign indicating that the equipment can be started automatically should be placed near the equipment. If the equipment starts automatically without permission, it will cause personal injury or death.

  6. ​​The wires and control components used must comply with the relevant national electrical standards, and the centrifuge and related equipment must be well grounded. Electrical work on the centrifuge and related equipment must be completed by electrical personnel who have obtained the electrical certificate.

  7. When the decanter centrifuge is being sent off, it is strictly forbidden to put hands, clothes or other things: such as tools and other objects close to rotating or moving parts and inlets and outlets to prevent casualties.

       8. Do not start the equipment before the protective device and the sight hole cover are installed. It is strictly prohibited to disassemble the protective equipment and the sight hole cover when the equipment is in operation. All protective devices and covers shall be installed after the equipment is repaired, and they shall be in good working condition. status.

     9. It is strictly forbidden to use the lifting lugs on the bearing seat or the top of the equipment shell to lift the entire centrifuge, because the lifting lugs cannot bear the heavy green load of the entire equipment. When lifting the entire equipment, the whole machine should be lifted through the corner of the machine base. Lift the lifting lugs, otherwise it will cause personal injury or death and/or damage the equipment or other equipment.

     10. Cranes, hoisting equipment, hoisting chains, wire ropes and other equipment used for hoisting must undergo strict inspections before hoisting, and confirm that these equipment are safe and feasible and have a large safety factor for the maximum equipment load required to be hoisted. Otherwise, it will cause personal injury and/or damage to this equipment or other equipment.

     11. Lifting equipment, wire ropes or chains should be fixed to prevent the equipment from tilting or sliding when lifting. Before lifting the entire equipment or large pieces from the base or the ground, you should test whether it is balanced or touched Objects, otherwise it will cause personal injury or death and damage this equipment or other equipment.

     12. Confirm that the power cord of the hoisting equipment has been disconnected and that it will not touch the upper body of the hoisting equipment or the cables near the hoisting area. These wires or cables should be cut and removed, otherwise it will cause personal injury or death and the equipment The accident was damaged.

  13. Be careful not to stretch your hands and feet under the lifting equipment or on the floor where the lifting equipment is to be placed.

  14. When it is necessary to repair any part of the centrifuge safely, it is strongly recommended that the repair be carried out by our factory or under the guidance of personnel designated by our factory, otherwise it may cause personal injury and death accidents and damage to the device or other equipment accidents.

   15. When handling lubricants, solvents or parts with a temperature higher than 40°C, be careful not to get burned.

  16. The differential lubricant cannot be overfilled, because too much lubricant will cause the differential (working) temperature to be too high and cause malfunctions. Please refer to "Lubrication".

  17. The decanter centrifuge has a large inertia, so it will continue to run for a long time after the power is cut off. You must wait for the centrifuge to completely stop rotating before proceeding to maintain it. Only 10-20 minutes after switching on the new power supply can the centrifuge completely stop rotating.

   18. If the materials processed by the centrifuge are toxic or harmful media, very effective measures must be taken to prevent the human body from inhaling or directly contacting these toxic or harmful media, liquid or gas. For example: Wear protective work clothes, glasses, gas masks, anti-berry masks and "three tight" work clothes.

  19. Only when the power supply of the centrifuge has been cut off and the rotation of the centrifuge has been completely stopped, can the machine be inspected or adjusted, otherwise it will cause personal injury or death and damage to the machine or other equipment accidents.

   20. Do not adjust any parts of the centrifuge, otherwise it will cause personal injury or death or damage to the equipment or other equipment accidents.