Anti-corrosion tips for decanter centrifuge

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Anti-corrosion tips for decanter centrifuge

  The most troublesome thing about the decanter centrifuge used in industry is the corrosion that the centrifuge has encountered in the long-term use of chemical raw materials. Now we recommend three ways to avoid or slow down the corrosion of the centrifuge.

   The top of the list, the selection of the raw materials for the decanter centrifuge is very important, because different materials and separation requirements require different models. After the model and main parameters are selected, based on the corrosion resistance of different materials in different environments, the physical and chemical characteristics, cost-effectiveness and other factors are summarized, and the strength data of the parts is fundamentally determined. From the perspective of the data itself, its policy materials are safe.

Second, the organization plan of the decanter centrifuge. An excellent plan can extend the service life of the equipment and ensure the safety of the equipment. Regarding structural planning, the simplest plan to accelerate corrosion is the stress concentration tendency and the crevice environment, sometimes even though metal In the immersion solution, the corrosion rate is small; but it constitutes a gap, because the chemical and electrochemical conditions of the internal solution have changed, which will cause severe crevice corrosion.

  Third, one of the fundamental ideas for controlling the corrosion of the decanter centrifuge is to block the corrosive environment. In the planning of centrifuges, exterior treatment methods are often used, such as flanges, galvanizing, chrome plating, chemical plating, etc. These methods are useful in many environments, but regarding rotating parts, it is necessary to pay attention to a main appearance: The base material and the coating are two kinds of materials, and their linear expansion coefficients are different. Different deformations will occur when the rotating parts are elastically deformed, and then a lot of micro-cracks will occur; if the aforementioned appearances exist, the corrosion will be accelerated constitute. Therefore, the appearance protection methods of rotating parts should be carefully selected.