What causes the motor bearing of the decanter centrifuge to heat up?

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What causes the motor bearing of the decanter centrifuge to heat up?

Decanter centrifuge is a conventional laboratory centrifuge, widely used in biology, chemistry, medicine and other scientific research and education and production departments. It uses the strong centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the rotor to separate the components in the liquid and solid particles or liquid mixtures. It is suitable for quick separation and composition of trace samples.

   If you feel that the motor is heating up, you should pay attention to the operation of the decanter centrifuge. This may be related to the heating of the motor bearing, but what is the reason for the heating of the motor bearing?

       1. It may be the centrifugal overload or overload, or the cooling fan may have problems. Also pay attention to the usual use habits or the heat generated by mechanical friction, but the main reason is whether the bearings of the centrifuge are good Yes, if the user chooses low-priced bearings for low prices, such bearings will simply heat up, and may even burn out. Therefore, users must choose authentic bearings, and don't choose cheap products for cheap. Even if it is the same brand, its quality may be different if its origin is different.

   2. Pay attention to maintaining the lubrication of the machine. Use high-quality high-temperature lithium-based grease. The quality of the lithium-based grease is another main cause of bearing heat. At the same time, we need to observe in detail, if mechanical friction is accompanied by noise, and the mechanical parts will have significant wear, this indicates that the bearing is experiencing problems and the bearing needs to be replaced. Therefore, it is recommended that people buy big-brand bearings and centrifuges that serve high-speed equipment. High-speed is to use good bearings. Only high-quality bearings can ensure the long-term normal operation of the centrifuge.

   3. Is the concentricity of the decanter centrifuge spindle accurate? Generally, if the concentricity of the spindle tends to be large, it is very easy to cause bearing heating. At this time, the centrifuge motor production is required to have strong skills and production capacity. In the real society, some centrifuge manufacturers buy their own materials to assemble themselves in order to save costs. This will cause the spindle concentricity deviation, which will result in bearing heating .