The characteristics of decanter centrifuge in processing scum

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The characteristics of decanter centrifuge in processing scum

Decanter centrifuges often show some characteristics when dealing with scum. Let's take a look at the characteristics of decanter centrifuges for scum treatment, hoping to help us understand the equipment more deeply. You must know that only with a full understanding, can the effect and value be more fully utilized in practice.

When the decanter centrifuge treats scum, its characteristics can be summarized into seven aspects.

        1. Strong craftsmanship. Because the control system selected by the equipment is very good, it can actively adjust at any time according to the material condition during operation, and the treatment effect has been achieved.

     2. Low noise. In the structural design, a double-layer and sound-insulating layer design was specially selected. Therefore, during operation, the announced noise is very small, and the impact on the environment of the work site is also small.

      3 Higher degree of automation. During the operation of the decanter centrifuge, whether it is feeding, separating or unloading, each link is continuously and actively carried out under high-speed operation, so the it is very convenient and simple to operate.

      4, The processing capacity of this equipment is very large. Because of the structural improvements, it can handle more materials together.

        5, The decanter centrifuge will not have too much impact on the working environment on site. Because the equipment is carried out under completely enclosed conditions during the entire operation process, there is no need to worry about pollution at the operation site and clean production is completed.

    6. The working function of this equipment is very stable, so it can maintain high working efficiency with stable performance during operation.

   7, The decanter centrifuge is very safe and very reliable. Because the equipment is specially equipped with multiple protection devices, the decanter centrifuge has high safety features, and the users can use it with enough confidence.