How to correctly operate the decanter centrifuge

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How to correctly operate the decanter centrifuge


Decanter centrifuges are used more and more frequently in the production field. Of course, as staff, we must be proficient in relevant operating skills. Only in this way can we use them reasonably and make them in ideal working conditions. So for the decanter centrifuge equipment, what is the correct operation method in detail? Next, let's take a look at the detailed content.

   Obviously, if the correct operation method is used, it can not only ensure the normal progress of our work, but also effectively extend the service life of the decanter centrifuge, and also effectively reduce the failure rate of the equipment. So, how do you do it after all? First of all, we must ensure that the equipment is placed on a flat surface and fixed.

   After confirming that there is no abnormal problem, connect the appropriate power supply voltage to the equipment, and install it back as required, and then place the material in the decanter centrifuge cavity. After that, close the door of the equipment, and set the temperature, speed, time and rotation speed according to the actual situation. Then open the equipment and enter the state of normal production. In this process, you should pay attention to the operation status of the decanter centrifuge, and deal with it in time if any problems are found.

   When the separation work is completed, we should shut down the equipment, and only after the decanter centrifuge is completely stopped, can we open the door and take out the separated material. After that, use a clean cloth to scrub the inside of the equipment and back, and keep it clean. After that, the temperature of the internal cavity of the device is consistent with the room temperature, and then the door is closed.

The correct use method of decanter centrifuge is as above. As long as we use the equipment according to the correct use method, and conduct inspection and maintenance at regular intervals, then the service life of the equipment can be extended. I hope this article can help you understand the decanter centrifuge equipment more comprehensively.