Status and skills of sludge treatment equipment

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Status and skills of sludge treatment equipment

  Oil sludge refers to the sludge that occurs in the production process of the oil field because of crude oil excavation, storage, gathering and transportation, processing, and crude oil production fluid treatment. It is known for containing crude oil or certain components in crude oil. Mainly divided into: ground sludge, clear tank sludge, flotation scum, etc.

Oil sludge generally has an oil content of 10-50% and a water content of 40-90%. In my country’s petrochemical industry, an average of 800,000 tons of tank bottom sludge and pool bottom sludge occur every year. Shengli Oilfield produces 100,000 tons of oily sludge every year. Above, Dagang Oilfield produces about 150,000 tons of oily sludge annually, and Henan Oilfield produces 5X104m3 of oily sludge annually. Oily sludge contains a large amount of benzene series, powders, and other substances. If the sludge treatment equipment is directly discharged, it will not only occupy a large amount of cultivated land, but also pollute the surrounding soil, water and air. The sludge also contains a large amount of Copper, zinc, chromium, mercury and other metals, salts, and hard-to-degrade hazardous substances such as PCBs, dioxins, and radionuclides. Now, sludge has been classified as hazardous waste by our country.

  The status quo and skills of sludge treatment equipment

   With the continuous excavation of petroleum resources, resources will become less and less, and the difficulty of excavation will become greater and greater, so various additives will continue to increase in the process of oil extraction. As a result, the components of the sludge are varied, and the sludge treatment equipment and processes will be changed accordingly. There are many varieties of sludge treatment equipment, processes and methods, all with their own characteristics.

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   The methods for sludge treatment equipment at home and abroad generally include incineration, biological treatment, hot scrubbing, solvent extraction, chemical demulsification, solid-liquid separation, etc. Although there are many methods for sludge treatment equipment, they have not been promoted due to disadvantages such as poor pertinence and high processing costs. It is difficult to achieve severe environmental protection requirements with a single process and skills. Therefore, the combined use of multiple sludge treatment equipment processes and methods is one of the development directions of the harmless treatment of sludge in the future.