What to do with the inversion of decanter centrifuge

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What to do with the inversion of decanter centrifuge

1. The inversion of the decanter centrifuge, as the name implies, refers to the rotation in the counterclockwise direction. Although the decanter centrifuge can still play a certain dehydration effect under the inversion condition, it is easy to cause shock absorption springs, capacitors and other components in the long run. damage. So we should deal with it in time.

2. The method of investigating whether the decanter centrifuge is reversed is very simple, we only need to investigate whether its working direction is the same as the direction of the rotation arrow marked on the outer cylinder. From the perspective of long-term maintenance service experience, the reverse transmission failure of the decanter centrifuge is mostly caused by problems with the motor, capacitor, and clutch components. We can use the cleaning method to clean up the specific treatment.

3. Regarding the motor, we can open the back cover of the decanter centrifuge and check the power supply. If the motor is idling when the motor is rotating, the belt should be loose, and it can be tightened or replaced. On the contrary, if the motor does not rotate in the forward direction, only the hum of the motor is heard. If the power fails, remove the belt and try again. The possibility that the problem of non-rotation lies in the capacitor or motor, capacitor and winding is very small.

4. Regarding the capacitor, on the premise that the motor has no fault, we can replace the capacitor with the same capacity, and then test the work after power on. If the fault still exists, then please check the normality of the clutch. We can check the tension in the clutch gear. Whether the separating hook on the spring and gear is still in the normal position, then adjust and replace according to the actual situation.

5. After the above-mentioned overhaul and adjustment of the three components of the motor, capacitor and clutch, we can effectively solve the problem of the reverse rotation of the scraper centrifuge. We also remind users that they must pay special attention to this problem when using the decanter centrifuge daily to ensure that its working direction is correct to prevent damage to components and safety accidents caused by inversion.


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