What are the characteristics of a three-phase disc centrifuge?

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What are the characteristics of a three-phase disc centrifuge?

   Looking at it now, the price of domestic three-phase disc centrifuges is not very large, and in terms of performance, it is true that domestic equipment is more cost-effective, and it is also suitable in terms of practicality. And the production capacity of many domestic manufacturers is good, they have mastered the important technology of centrifuge, so the price difference will not be very big. If we want to purchase, then we must first confirm the quotation status of different merchants, so that we can also purchase suitable equipment. So what are the characteristics of the three-phase disc centrifuge?

   1. Use safety protection devices

  The use of safety protection device makes the rotating body of the equipment not separated from the motor conjoined body during high-speed rotation. This design is very clever and is very helpful for the smooth work of the machine.

  2. One time investment, no worries afterwards

   Different from other equipment, the subsequent protection of this type of equipment is very convenient and requires limited consumables.

  3, the oil is clear and the purity is good

   The three-phase disc centrifuge adopts a centrifugal extractor, which saves time and electricity, has good oil output, good oil quality, clear color and high purity, and can be sold directly after production without other processing.


  4, fast refining speed

        The three-phase disc centrifuge not only integrates heating, vacuum extraction, and centrifugal extraction, but also increases automation. When a certain degree of oil residue is reached, it will automatically clean up, saving time and effort.

  5, save power than ordinary machines

   The three-phase disc centrifuge is not always powered. After the power is turned on, when the drum reaches the normal speed, it will be powered off and work by the centrifugal force of the drum.


Of course, we also need to be clear about the differences in the three-phase disc centrifuge host, because the price of refrigerated equipment is much higher than that of general equipment, and some centrifuges can provide heating services, so on the whole The price is also slightly higher. Therefore, it is necessary for us to make purchases according to the equipment and our detailed needs, so that we can select suitable products and ensure a higher cost performance.

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