What is the difference between a filter press and a decanter centrifuge?

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What is the difference between a filter press and a decanter centrifuge?


  According to years of design experience and surveys on the users of the decanter centrifuge, the following is the analysis of the actual use of the decanter centrifuge:

   1. Applicable medium problem

   Decanter centrifuge is not suitable for all kinds of sludge. After investigation, the decanter centrifuge is not suitable for the sludge containing more inorganic components such as fly ash. Because the fly ash is centrifuged, it is difficult to remove the fly ash attached to the inner wall of the decanter centrifuge. There is a lot of resistance, and the mud cannot come out after it gets in. This situation occurred in a sewage treatment plant in a city in northern my country. The decanter centrifuge was unable to operate normally and had to be changed to a large loss.

   2. The control problem of entering the department

   Decanter centrifuge can automatically adjust the slip and torque according to the change of the feed concentration. Manual adjustment is required. In fact, the change of the feed concentration has a greater impact on the decanter centrifuge, but the impact on it is small.

  3. The problem of solid recovery rate and dosage

   The solid recovery rate of the decanter centrifuge is indeed relatively high, but this does not mean that the low solid recovery rate cannot be used. In fact, the filtering has to be returned to the front and processed from the beginning together with the sewage treatment plant.

The dosage of medicament is controversial. Manufacturers will also say that their dosage of medicament is also small. A certain 15×104t/d urban sewage treatment plant designed by a certain manufacturer uses a decanter centrifuge to dewater. After production, the measured PAM consumption per ton of dry sludge is 1.7-2.0kg, which is relatively low. According to the data, a wastewater treatment plant in Shanghai has also conducted a dehydration drug consumption test, and the amount of chemicals per ton of dry sludge in urban sewage is also about 20kg. Due to the different nature of sludge from various plants, it is difficult to say how much higher the chemical consumption is than the decanter centrifuge.

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