What principles should be followed when using decanter centrifuge?

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What principles should be followed when using decanter centrifuge?


When using decanter centrifuge, attention should be paid to the details. Once the fixed sequence is not followed, it is difficult to complete the cleaning quickly. When filtering and cleaning, it is necessary to understand the solid content of the filter.

In general, when the solid content in the liquid is higher, the cleaning time that people need to spend, especially for those liquids with certain viscous properties, should be carried out in strict accordance with the instructions. Do not ignore any process because of blindness or irritability, otherwise it will form an irreparable effect and increase sludge The cost of treatment is small and the big is lost.

Therefore, we should follow the following guidelines when using decanter centrifuge:

1. For the wastewater containing highly toxic substances, such as heavy metals, radioactive substances and high concentrations of phenol and cyanogen, the sewage should be separated from other types of sewage to facilitate the treatment and recovery of useful substances.

2. In the production process of using toxic raw materials and toxic intermediate products, reasonable process flow and equipment should be selected. When using sewage dehydrator, strict operation and supervision should be implemented.

3. The fundamental solution of sewage treatment is to change the traditional production process and reduce the toxic and harmful sewage in the production process as much as possible. Can use non-toxic materials or corresponding products to replace toxic materials or products.

Due to the low moisture content of sludge, stable operation, low energy consumption, simple operation and management, and convenient maintenance, the decanter centrifuge is favored by the majority of users. Next, let's take a look at the features of the decanter centrifuge.

1. The mechanical performance of the decanter centrifuge is stable and reliable. It can complete 24-hour continuous production operation, with large treatment capacity and high output.

2. The new type of double flow flocculation has good dewatering effect, low moisture content of filter cake, convenient and economical follow-up treatment.

3. The structure design is advanced and reasonable. The ultra long gravity filtration dehydration section adopts the vertical strong pressure roller, which has a wide range of application.

4. The filtrate is clean, easy to reuse and reduce secondary pollution.

5. Low flocculation liquid and kinetic energy consumption.

6. The whole machine has good corrosion resistance, convenient operation, easy maintenance and repair.

7. Full automatic operation and control, excellent quality and service life of spare parts.



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