How to correctly operate the decanter centrifuge

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How to correctly operate the decanter centrifuge

The decanter centrifuge can carry out centrifugal sedimentation of two or three liquid-solid heterogeneous materials with different densities. Usually during the operation of the decanter centrifuge, the main motor drives the two pulleys together to roll, separates the drive drum and the spiral via a gear or a cycloid differential, and maintains a fixed relative differential speed between the two. The equipment is separated at high speed.

   In order to ensure the ideal separation effect, it is necessary to ensure the balance of the decanter centrifuge itself. The centrifuge tubes and their contents should be accurately balanced. In fact, the ultracentrifuge rotor is mounted on a very thin shaft, so when the two centrifuge tubes are balanced, the difference in components must not exceed the scale specified in the instructions of various centrifuges.

  The difference between the two centrifuge tubes of the preparative ultracentrifuge shall not exceed 0.1g. Centrifuge tubes with sleeves should be balanced with sleeves. Centrifuge tube sleeves must not be mixed between different centrifuges. After reaching the equilibrium condition, when adding materials, the balance should also be maintained, so as to avoid asymmetrical centrifugal force damage to the centrifugal shaft and cause serious accidents. After the balanced centrifuge tube is placed symmetrically, cover the decanter centrifuge cover, turn on the power supply, and set the centrifuge speed and centrifuge speed.

   When the separation set time is about to arrive, the deceleration or speed adjustment knob should be turned on in time to decelerate. After the decanter centrifuge naturally stops rolling, open the cover and take out the centrifuge tube. Turn off the power and unplug the power plug. Clean the centrifuge, centrifuge chamber, centrifuge tube, sleeve, etc.

The decanter centrifuge itself is also equipped with an automatic control operating system. After setting the centrifugal speed, centrifugal time, temperature, vacuum and other parameters, turn on the switch and the equipment will automatically operate. After reaching the relevant parameters, record the time. After reaching the set time, the decanter centrifuge will automatically stop and the deceleration device will automatically turn on.


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