What are the methods of using sludge treatment equipment

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What are the methods of using sludge treatment equipment

The treatment method of the sludge treatment equipment, first, the original sludge is pumped from the secondary settling tank to another tank through the sludge pump and then separated from the supernatant. Since the moisture content of the original sludge can generally reach 99.5%, it is necessary to thicken the sludge. There are many feasible ways to reduce the volume of the sludge.

   Mechanical treatment methods such as vacuum filtration and centrifugation are generally used before the sludge is disposed of in a semi-solid manner. Generally these methods are preparations for sludge combustion treatment. If biological treatment is planned, gravity sedimentation or air flotation is mostly used for concentration. The sludge corresponding to these two cases is still fluid.

   The design and operation of the gravity thickening tank are similar to the secondary settling tank in sewage treatment. The concentration function is the main design parameter. In order to satisfy the greater concentration capacity, the concentration tank is basically deeper than the secondary settling tank. A properly designed and well-functioning gravity thickener can increase the sludge content by at least twice. In other words, the moisture content of sludge can be reduced from 99.5% to 98% or less. It is worth mentioning here that the design of the gravity thickening tank should be based on the analysis of Chinese results as much as possible, because the appropriate sludge loading rate is closely related to the properties of the sludge.

   If dissolved air flotation is used for concentration, a small amount of water is required, usually from the secondary sedimentation tank, and aerated at a pressure of 400kPa. This supersaturated liquid passes into the bottom of the tank, while the sludge passes under atmospheric pressure. The gas adheres to the solid particles in the sludge in the form of small bubbles, or is enclosed, and then drives the solid particles to float to the surface. The upper part of the concentrated sludge is removed, and the liquid flows from the bottom back to the gas tank for aeration.


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