Waste oil recycling decanter centrifuge

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Waste oil recycling decanter centrifuge

Waste oil is produced from oil in oil production, pipeline transportation, oil and gas joint stations, oil refineries and oily wastewater.

Waste oil treatment is a complete production process, using the principles of centrifugal separation and demulsification oxidation. The main equipment is composed of batching system, feeding system, separation system, conveying system and control system.

After collecting waste oil and heating it with steam, add appropriate amount of additives, such as demulsifier and active agent, to make the emulsified oily water into liquid.

The high-efficiency three-phase waste oil decanter centrifuge is used to realize the continuous separation of oil, water and slag in the sludge.

The separated undemulsified water and oil-water mixture are directly sent to the sewage treatment system, and are dehydrated by an efficient two-phase waste oil centrifuge.

The crude oil residue in the dehydrated slag phase can be recovered through combustion or thermal desorption process. The separated crude oil is collected and then purified by a three-phase disc separator. The purified oil can be reused.

The waste oil decanter centrifuge can also treat the oily (wastewater) produced during the processing of crude oil. Used for coarse flocculation + dehydration treatment. After dehydration, the slag phase is directly incinerated.

This treatment method causes a lot of waste of crude oil resources. Now, we can apply a series of pretreatment processes (adding demulsifiers, surfactants, etc.), and use efficient three-phase waste oil centrifuges to realize the reuse of crude oil resources.

After collecting the oily (waste water), add an appropriate amount of demulsifier and active agent, the oily water in the emulsified state becomes liquid, and the demulsified oily (wastewater) naturally settles and separates in the oil. trap.

The undemulsified water and oil-water mixture in the middle layer of the oil collector are directly sent to the sewage treatment system for treatment.

An efficient two-phase waste oil centrifuge is used for dehydration. The oil floating in the upper layer of the oil collector and the sludge deposited in the lower layer are collected, and then sent to a stirred tank for further processing.

Through the high-efficiency three-phase waste oil centrifuge, the oil, water and slag in the treated sludge can be separated continuously.

Waste oil centrifuges can also be used to drill oil-based muds. Its basic ingredients are oil, water, organoclay and oil-soluble chemical treatment agent. OBM resists high temperature and calcium salt erosion, which is conducive to the stability and lubrication of the well wall.

The mud has good lubricity and little damage to oil and gas layers, so it is widely used in drilling platforms. However, the slag produced in the equipment (vibrating screen, centrifuge and dryer) of the drilling solids control system seriously affects the environmental safety and must be treated in a harmless manner. After treatment, the oil content in the slag is less than 1%, and the oil is further purified and reused.

The collected drilling OBM wastewater is agitated at a high speed in proportion, and an appropriate amount of demulsifier, active agent and other additives are added to make the oily water in the emulsified state into a liquid state.

Before separation, use a vibrating screen to remove large particles of soil, sand, glass bottles, mineral water bottles, convenient bags, gauze and other solid waste, and then use an efficient two-phase waste oil centrifuge to separate oil, water and slag continuously.

After being heated by steam, the separated liquid phase enters the sedimentation tank, where the supernatant liquid is removed, and the liquid phase settles at the bottom and is mixed with the slag separated by centrifugation. The remaining oil is recovered through a thermal desorption process.


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