Soy protein extraction centrifuge

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Soy protein extraction centrifuge

Soybeans have complete protein properties and contain all the amino acids we need in our diet, and our body simply cannot synthesize them.

This means that soy protein products are an excellent substitute for animal products and animal food. They are also a good source of whole protein, but their disadvantage is that they are more fat, especially saturated fat.

Soy protein is now one of the main protein sources consumed by livestock and humans. Soy Protein Isolate (SPI) contains 90% protein (based on dry weight) and is the most concentrated form of soy protein currently available.

Therefore, the separation and extraction of soy protein is becoming an important production line in the food processing industry and decanter centrifuge is an important equipment for this field.

Vegetable protein is extracted from soybeans, peas, etc. by the usual acid extraction method. In addition to nutritional value, plant protein also has many important functional properties. In the process of producing protein powder, in order to maximize the yield and extraction rate, more and more decaner centrifuges are used in the entire production line.

Separation technology High-speed soybean protein centrifuge (separation coefficient ≥3500G) plays an irreplaceable important role in the production process. The most hygienic and effective way to deal with SPI is to use a can analyzer centrifuge for centrifugation.

Soy protein isolate (SPI) is currently the most concentrated low-fat and high-protein nutritional food, and its market demand is very large. In the soybean product industry, high-efficiency, fully enclosed high-speed centrifuges are gradually bringing technological innovation to the soybean production line and replacing traditional filter equipment. Ordinary centrifuges are difficult to remove soybean hulls (similar to medium density).

For this reason, Separation Technology has designed and developed a float trap to solve this problem and make the separated soybean milk meet the processing and production requirements.


Technology extraction process

The principle of producing soy protein isolate is simple.

First, defatted soybean meal or flakes are used as a raw material to dissolve protein in water.

The resulting solution is then separated from the solid residue.

Finally, the protein precipitates out of the solution, then separates and dried.

For these companies in the soy protein industry, the main goal is to improve product purity and yield. These depend on many different parameters, including alkalinity, extraction time, temperature, water to soybean meal ratio, heat treatment and stirring.

Soy protein centrifuge is specially designed to solve this problem, helping customers achieve high purity and high efficiency economically.

Protein extraction

Mix soy flour with water and perform isoelectric adjustment to dissolve most of the protein. Then the protein-rich solution must be separated from the solid phase called okara.

The traditional configuration includes a vibrating screen and a rotating screen, followed by selected purification and concentration.


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