Improvement of dewatering efficiency of decanter centrifuge and its wide adaptability

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Improvement of dewatering efficiency of decanter centrifuge and its wide adaptability


In the process of using the decanter centrifuge, we encountered the problem of slow dewatering efficiency of the decanter centrifuge. The specific manifestation is that as the fixed image material in the drum increases, the dewatering time of the decanter centrifuge is prolonged, and the decanter is not dried. appear. This phenomenon is common.

  In response to this problem, first of all, the rotating speed of the decanter centrifuge drum should be increased, of course, within the safe allowable range, and the material is non-corrosive or less corrosive. Secondly, increase the filtration area in the centrifuge drum. The method is to increase the lining net to keep a tiny gap between the filter bag and the centrifuge drum to increase the water permeability; increase the cross-sectional area, such as adding a V-shaped filter baffle.

   It can be dehydrated in a small amount for multiple times, reducing the amount of dewatering and filtering material in each centrifuge, and the method of discharging more and less. If the material is sticky, wash it within the allowable range of the process. Increase the particle size of the solid phase material. If the process is unchanged, if you want to increase the worry rate, you can consider adding, such as a flocculant.

   Decanter centrifuge is one of the widely adaptable solid-liquid separation equipment on the market, which is mainly used for solid-liquid separation. When selecting the equipment, it depends on the specific conditions of the materials. The separation and separation effect of the decanter centrifuge is determined by the dryness of the solid particles in the suspension, such as salt sugar and other water-soluble items, which need to be used. The flocculant is then separated.

   Although the applicability of the decanter centrifuge is wide, when we choose the centrifuge equipment, we must first according to our own needs, and then choose the one that suits us.


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