How to increase the power of a dewatering decanter centrifuge

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How to increase the power of a dewatering decanter centrifuge


In the process of using the decanter centrifuge, some users have  encountered the problem of the slow dewatering power. The specific manifestation is: as the fixed image material in the drum increases, the dewatering time of the centrifuge is prolonged and the dewatering is not dry. This phenomenon is common.

In order to increase the dewatering power of the decanter centrifuge, the rotating speed of the centrifuge drum can be increased within the scope of safety and the materials are not corrosive or corrosive; at the same time, the filter area in the centrifuge drum can be increased. . The specific implementation method is to increase the lining net to keep a small gap between the filter bag and the decanter drum to increase the water permeability; increase the cross-sectional area, such as adding a V-shaped filter baffle. Of course, a small number of repeated dehydration methods reduce the amount of dewatering and filtering materials in each centrifuge. More and less discharge methods can also increase the power of the decanter centrifuge.

If the material is viscous, wash it within the permitted range of the process. Increase the size of the solid phase material particles. Under the condition of the same process, if you want to increase the worry rate, you can consider increasing, such as flocculant. During the operation of the decanter centrifuge, after adjusting the rotating speed of the drum, the dry solid load, the type of flocculant, the manufacturing concentration of the flocculant, the dosage and the dosage direction, the thickness of the liquid ring layer, the speed difference curve and other parameters, the parameters were changed. The solid content of the dehydrated cake and the solid content of the supernatant make the centrifuge run in good condition.

   Through actual operation, we found that among the many factors mentioned above, the setting of the thickness of the liquid ring layer and the adjustment of the speed difference are critical to the effect of centrifuge sludge dewatering.

   Tips: Maintenance method of centrifuge:

   1. Clean the centrifuge chamber and turn back, and wipe dry the condensed water in the chamber.

   2. Open the door after use until the cavity returns to normal temperature.

   3. Equilibrate the sample before centrifugation.

4. Pay attention to disinfection and sterilization after centrifugation.



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