Talking about the possible corrosion phenomenon of centrifuge

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Talking about the possible corrosion phenomenon of centrifuge


In recent years, with the continuous economic development, new technologies and new processes have appeared endlessly, and the application scale of centrifuges has become more extensive; however, in this industry, most manufacturers are more concerned about the separation function and strength of centrifuges. Requirements, often insufficient attention to the impact of corrosion elements, and then brought some negative effects.

   1. Centrifuge environment

         Centrifuge is divided into different types of equipment according to function and structure, but they all have common characteristics

   2. Possible corrosion phenomena

  Metal corrosion forms are mainly divided into two categories: uniform corrosion and partial corrosion. The former is easy to find because of its appearance, and it is clearly expressed in most manuals and data. I will not go into details here. Only the latter will be discussed. Partial corrosion only occurs in part, which is an extremely serious and harmful damage, such as pitting corrosion, crevice corrosion, intergranular corrosion, stress corrosion, abrasion corrosion, etc. In centrifuges, partial corrosion is common, and should Focus on analyzing its composition mechanism, adopting measures to overcome it.

       1. Pitting corrosion is a highly corrosive phenomenon, which mainly exists in easily passivated metals, such as stainless steel. Because of the possible shortcomings in the outer surface, there are active ions in the solution that can destroy the passivation film, the passivation film It is partially destroyed, and then forms a galvanic pair, forming pitting corrosion. After the formation of pitting corrosion, due to the effect of centrifugal force, the dynamic industry of the galvanic couple in the hole will be accelerated, and then the continuity of the pitting corrosion will be ensured until perforation, which is different from the phenomenon of static pitting.

  2. Intergranular corrosion will cause parts to lose strength and elongation, and cause parts to be brittle. It is a harmful hazard that develops from the outside to the inside along the grain boundary without corrosion marks on the outside.

  3. Wear and corrosion means that the appearance of parts is damaged by wear and corrosion together.

  4. Stress corrosion is a damage caused by a certain tensile stress effect in a corrosive environment. It has the following characteristics: residual tensile stress, applied tensile stress, corrosive penetrating environment, and some shortcomings.

   The above-mentioned four kinds of corrosion have extremely serious effects on the tk, machine, and may lead to serious consequences.


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