Order from Halliburton Algeria Corporation for 14 Sets Mud Agitator

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Shortly before, an purchase order of 14 sets mud agitator was placed to GN Solids Control from Halliburton Algeria Corporation. Now all the 14 agitators have been on the way to the destination port. As we known, Halliburton is one of the largest suppliers to provide products and service to energy industrial. The cooperation with Halliburton proves the high quality of our products and service.

SS material on the Mud Agitator

Worthy mentioning is that the material of the agitator shaft and impeller is stainless steel. That is designed according to the requirement and considering the work condition of both these parts. For the shaft and impeller is working under the surface of the mud and there are solid particles and chemicals in the mud. In order to prevent the submersible parts from being corroded during the working processing, we apply stainless stell as the material of the shaft and impeller. This could significantly extend the life time of the agitator, reduce the the replacement frequency and save the maintanence cost for users.

What Convince the Halliburton

It is no doubt that we should be proud for becoming the supplier of Halliburton. However, few people know the effort we did in winning the trust from Halliburton. First, we should prove the excellent quality of our products. Second, our API & ISO certificates give a good impression to our clients who believe that GN has powerful strength. Last, our sales try their best to offer service before the placing of the order, such as sending the quotation, introducing our company. We believe that it is our comprehensive strength win the order.

This is the beginning of our cooperation with the world's Top company in the line. It is predictable that GN would gain more attention from all the world which is also our mission "Creat A World's famous brand - GN Solids Control".