500GPM Hydraulic Jackup Mud Recycling System

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Hydraulic jackup mud recycling system is getting more and more attention in the line of mud cleaning. shortly before, we have got the order from Austrilai client for the 500GPM hydraulic jackup mud recycling system. This system could be used in HDD, CBM and workover rig for mud recycling.

Equipments Configuration of the 500GPM System

1 shale shaker: GNPS703
1 mud cleaner: GNPJ703
2 centrifugal pump: SB6x5-12 (37kw)
1 Mud agitator: JBQ7.5
1 Mud gun: NJQ50-3
1 jet mud mixer: SLH150-35
Mud tank and spare parts: mud tank dimension is: 9000mm*2300mm*1800mm
One set hydraulic jack up

Rapid movable mud recycling system

With the hydraulic jack up structure, this 500GPM mud recycling system could realize fast moving by trailer during the project. That is the frist impression given to the user, it is very convenient, greatly saving the time of transport.

Hydraulic jackup system not only enrich GN's experience in producing the fast moving mud recycling system, but also get the firm order for us. For more information about this excellent system, just feel free to make a call to send mail to us.