GN Has Delivered Poor Boy Degasser to Its Foreign Customer

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GN Has Delivered Poor Boy Degasser to Its Foreign Customer


Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd is an expert in manufacturing solids control equipment and system. Usually in a solids control system,

for safety objectives, a mud and gas separator usually used to remove the dangerous gas out from the mud, because these dangerous

gas will cause explosion if not separated but directly led to the shale shaker for processing. As we know that shale shaker is the first stage

equipment. Before mud arrives to the shale shaker, the dangerous gas will be separated out.

Poor Boy Degasser

Usually we used a mud gas separator to separates dangerous gas out of the mud, and a mud gas separator is also known as poor boy degasser.

Recently, GN Solids Control has delivered poor boy degasser to its customer. This year GN has delivered 4 sets of mud gas degasser to Canada,

2 to Indonesia, and 2 to France. Except poor boy degasser, GN product has been exported to more than 60 countries in the world and has achieved

a well known brand :GN Brand.

Delivery of Mud Gas Separator

Actually, mud gas separator(poor boy degasser)’s structure is not complicated. I wil discuss its structure next. GN poor boy degasser is simple structured

with a separation vessel of diameter 1000mm. Inside of the vessel; there are several pieces of steel buffer plate on which the high pressure drilling mud would impact.

After collision, the gas invaded in the drilling mud would get out and guided out from the 8” vent pipeline on the top of the separation vessel, while the mud would go down

and accumulated at the bottom of the vessel, then flow to the into the solids control system through the 10” outlet. Though its structure is simple, but it plays an important role for safe drilling.