the mud recycling system specially designed for micro tunneling and piling

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GND series product is the mud recycling system specially designed for micro tunneling and piling. Recently in GN’s China headquarter, one full set of mud recycling system was just finished and shipped to a domestic Chinese customer.

GN Solids Control is the world famous solid control equipment and mud recycling system manufacturer, As the leading manufacturer for shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, cutting dryer, centrifugal pump, etc, GN’s brand and products are recognized by more and more international customers. GND system is comprised of a double deck shale shaker, two hydrocyclones, one centrifugal pump, one storage tank and electrical control system. The system can effectively separate the solid and liquid and reduce the solid waste content in the drilling mud, and make the drilling cuttings drier, easy to transport, environmental friendly and easy for disposal. The whole system is very compact and skid mounted, is very economic and good value for money.

The system’s first level of separation is the double deck shale shaker, when the mud goes into the lower deck of screen, the large solids will be separated from the mud the fine solids and mud will be dropped into the tank, and the mud will be sucked by the centrifugal pump into the two hydrocyclones which is working like the desander which can separate the solid size up to 40 microns. The solid separated by the hydrocyclone will drop onto the upper deck of the shale shaker, then the solids will be dried further for disposal. The clean mud after the separation by the hydrocyclone will flew back the tank and be pumped back to the wellbore for reuse and recycling. The basic configuration of the mud recycling system is one double deck shale shaker, two hydrocyclones for desanding, one centrifugal pump, one mud tank and some other parts.

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decanter centrifuge

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GN Solids Control is a top tier Manufacturer which specializes in manufacturing solid control equipment and system. Company started its first business in 2007, and our main focused has always be quality and reliability, which can help our customers save money and variable time. And among all equipment we provide, there are three Key products that have been proved to be more rugged, durable and reliable, they are: shale shaker, decanter centrifuge and cutting dryer.

Recently, GN released its new product-GNLW363D-FHD decanter centrifuge. So today, let’s get to know what the meaning of the product name. GN of curse it is a short initial of our company full name Guan Neng, LW means it is horizontal spiral product. 363 means the bowl diameter is 360mm which equals to 14 inch. And 3 means the length of bowl is about 3 times longer than the diameter. This ratio has been specially engineered by the technician to guarantee its good performance during work. D means the 4TH  generation of decanter centrifuge. FHD means full hydraulic driven. All the configuration is high standard which can meet most of the customer’s requirement. The bowl material is made of duplex SS 2205/ SS 2304, the screw conveyor material is made of SS 304/ SS 315 and then the surface is protected by the tungsten carbide tiles which is more endurable and reliable, and it can save customer’s money both in operation and maintenance. And the solid discharge port is also used the tungsten carbide inserts. The bearing is still used the world famous SKF. The FHD system is VISCOTHERM full hydraulic drive. The electrical control system is smart PLC control. And the coating is used the Cosco & Kansai Zinc Rich Epoxy Coating. The equipment can be used in extreme high temperature environment with heavy mud situation. And the decanter is designed and assembled on a skid, which makes it easier to move and save time and cost for transportation.

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Unusual sound happen on operation of decanter centrifuge

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Loud sounds made from machine now become part of occupation hazard for works who expose it in extend of time period.  It how have regulate by government  because the consideration of the machine design. 

GN Solids America LLC's decanter centrifuge is the machinery with rotating bowl and contain many number source of sounds .  The size of the machine, the speed of the rotating bowl, which is the main source of noise come from structure.  Other sound like turbulence sound and siren sound is also part of sound production from the decanter centrifuge

Structure sound often produce by all surfaces that directly coupled to the bowl's bearing.  The speed of rotation of the bowl, it create turbulence from the different trailing edges that produce broad spectrum vortex sound.  The siren sound is from air flow through the bowl and it produce great noise especially  at the lower harmonics of the bowl rotate frequency.

There are ways to decrease sound that produce by decanter centrifuge, some of them are:

·         Decoupling the surface of the main bearing of the rotating bowl and will reduce the amount of noise transmitted from the decanter centrifuge structure

·         Polish and smooth the bowl surface will minimize the noise produce from the edge that vortices that shed and produce vortex, turbulence noise

·         Siren sound produce because from the air flow through rotating bowl, which is the purpose to the function  of the decanter, the exit opening should be design so the noise is produce within the parts of spectrum of sound have low noise level

The sound that produce from machinery is consider health hazard if personal consistently exposure on sound that is great then 80 to 85 dB over an eight hours per day.  Excess expose of level of 85 dB during work life would result 90% of people suffer lost of hearing.  It can also damage the way of speech as well.  Which now sound regulation is the must enforce regulation. 


500GPM HDD Mud Recycling System by GN Solids America LLC

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Solids control machinery manufacture GN Solids America LLC have manufacture facility in China, has been leading exporter to 75 plus countries.  Over year passing by, The R&D of solids control machinery from standard issue to currently fully customize machinery.  One customize product we have offer is mud recycling system and we manufacture it from scratch to finished.  Under the various mud recycling system we have manufacture, the 500 GPM mud recycling system for  HDD Drilling, Tunneling, along with different kinds of drilling activities outside of oil field drilling, which is the GN Solids America's main focus market.  The 500 GPM mud system includes three model GNMS-500B, GNMS-500G, GNMS-500GL. GNMS-500B is a two phase cure mud system, while the other two models we manufacture are three phase mud treating system.

GNMS-500B mud system includes a desilter mini cleaner with two deck screens to attain phase two mud treating effect. The bottom decks will be used as first treatment with 40 nylon uppers screen to separate coarse solids from the spent mud, after which the liquids will be piped to the desilter cyclones for any second stage treatment simply by removing particles size like 20 microns. The mud agitator is installed for continuous mixing the treated drilling mud. 

GNMS-500G and GNMS-500GL use a single shale shaker to change the bottom deck screen associated with GNMS-500B as the first level solids control treatment , and drilling operators will have mud cleaner with the combined desander hydrocyclones and desilter hydrocyclones respectively as the next stage of solids control treatment machine and also 3rd stage treatment as well. Also there will be mud agitators to mixing the treated mud. The only difference between GNMS-500G and GNMS-500GL is the size of the mud tank that will be use.


GN Solids America LLC's desilter

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The desilter is the third step control equipment of the whole solid control system. Desilter function is to deal with the solid debris with diameter of 15-44um, and to ensure a proper treatment of the processed drilling mud in the next step.

Initial preparation of the desilter

Put the desilter base horizontally and use four pressing plates to fix the base on a suitable place of the tank. Take a note that the outlet of screen box should be 20-30mm out of the tank.
Connect the inlet and outlet holes by hose or steel tube. The inlet pipe needs to be fit with outlet pipe.

Loose four vibration bolts. When transport, the bolt need to be secure.
Check there is any bolts that are loose. Check the vibration rotating axis is moving smooth. If there is any fault noise, the problem should be solved at that time. After all the initial check that all things are function properly, the equipment can be starting to work. 
Connect the belt with motor and turn on the power, check whether the rotating direction of motor is correct.

The operation of desilter

Start with the shale shaker first, then turn on the desilter. Check whether the exhaust pressure can match the requirements and check the results of separating, check whether there is any possible of leaking.
Check the rotating direction of motor is consistent toward to the arrowhead on the shield.
Check the pressure gage works properly in an allowed pressure range.
Adjust the bottom flow nuts to make the bottom flow jets shoot the mud out smoothly.
When stop the operation, the drilling fluid should be cleaned out to avoid solidification. Clean the shaker screen with water and check each part.

The maintenance of desilter

Check and confirm the connection and sealed parts.
Check the cyclone cylinder to see the jet situation and pressure.
Repair or change the damaged, leaking or abraded cyclone cylinder.
Check whether the jet nozzle is broken. Check the inside of the cyclone cylinder and if need, change the damaged parts.
Clean the feed head.
When stop using for period of the long time, every part that contains drilling fluid should be cleaned through, avoid stockpile of sand inside the equipment.
The lubricating grease should be injected into the vibration motor every 1500-2500 hours. The volume to be injected each time is 5-10ml.
When stop using, the shaker screen should be cleaned with water to avoid solidification to ensure max useful screen life.