Order from Halliburton Algeria Corporation for 14 Sets Mud Agitator

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Shortly before, an purchase order of 14 sets mud agitator was placed to GN Solids Control from Halliburton Algeria Corporation. Now all the 14 agitators have been on the way to the destination port. As we known, Halliburton is one of the largest suppliers to provide products and service to energy industrial. The cooperation with Halliburton proves the high quality of our products and service.


GN participates the 11th Moscow International Exhibition "OIL & GAS", MIOGE 2011

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GN will take part in the 11 th Moscow International exhibition "Oil and Gas. " In the past year, we established a good cooperation with our customers in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine and other countries of the former Soviet Union. Last year, GN got great success in the world for GN is popularly known in the world, and GN products are already sold in over 48 countries and regions. Russian market is very important for us. In order to show the excellent quality of GN equipments to clients face to face, we will participate in the exhibition in 21-24th, June.

As the first certificate API & ISO manufacturing plant and delivery system for cleaning mud in China, we intend to put our Russian clients and other customers better equipments.


Vacuum Degasser - oilfield equipment

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Vacuum degasser is a special and indispensable equipment during the drilling mud processing system. It is located behind the shale shaker to wipe off the invading air.It plays an important role in recalling drilling mud proportion, keeping drilling mud performance. Otherwise, it also could be used as a agitator with big power which suitable for variable kinds of drilling fluids purification system.

Vacuum Degasser

» Why Vacuum Degasser

After the invading of air into drilling mud, the density of mud will become lower and the viscosity will be higher, which will cause a inefficient operation in the downstream processes. The purpose of separating out the pure drilling fluid will not obtain. At last, the whole system will lost its value. Therefore, the existence of vacuum degasser is very necessary.

» How Vacuum Degasser Works

Vacuum degasser is mainly cosist of a treatment vessel, one chief motor, one vacumm pump and electrical controling parts. It works by creating lower pressure inside the top part of the vessel, so the mud will flow into the degassing tank fluently. Special separation baffle-design makes air or other gaseous impurities can be removed from the mud. The air is siphoned from the vessel after pressure is low enough to pump the gas out of the substance. A high-vacuum process environment is maintained for a variety of product testing and laboratory applications. This allows the user to analyze products or materials under a wide range of conditions and under predetermined atmospheric or environmental parameters. after processing through the degasser, the fluid will be treated without the interference of air in the next processes.

» GN Vacuum Degasser

We, GN Solids Control, is a professional manufacturer of oilfield vacuum degasser in China. For more information, welcome to our website at