GN Solids America's GNLW series drilling fluid centrifuge needs details

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The centrifugal force separation principle of drilling fluid for the drilling industry. 

The liquid-solid separation process of the liquid and solids parts is done by the roller of the bowl.  The proven theory of separation by driven of bowl in high speed rotating cycle that creates centrifugal force and gravity.  The drilling mud is thrown to the cylinder wall to form a circle of liquid, solid particles in the liquid ring due to greater than gravity centrifugal force in hundreds and thousands of times.  It's overcome the mud viscosity resistance rapid subsidence to the drum wall and begins forming solid layer, the liquid formed liquid layer. The ratio of the centrifugal force and the self gravity of the solid particles in the liquid ring is the detail that separation factor of the drilling fluid centrifuge, and the separation factor of the large drilling fluid centrifuge can separate the finer particles from the slurry.

Different bowl speed creates different purpose of recovery.  A low speed drilling fluid centrifuge use as "barite recovery drilling fluid centrifuge". The separation factor is about 500 to 700, for low density solid, the separation point for 6 ~ 10 um, for high density solid, separation point 4 ~ 7 um.

Mid-range rotate bowl drilling centrifuged separation factors for about 800, separable solid 5  um, for removing the harmful solid mud, mud density and viscosity control. This is at present the largest rig drilling fluid centrifuge.

High speed drilling fluid centrifuge factor is about 1200~2100, separation point 2 to 5 u m, for the removal of harmful solid and control the viscosity of the slurry, high speed drilling fluid centrifuge separation of solids to be discharged out of the tank and liquid return in the circulatory system.   



500GPM Mud Recycling System

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Solids control machinery manufacture GN Solids America LLC have manufacture facility in China, has been leading exporter to 60 plus countries.  Over year passing by, The R&D of solids control machinery from standard issue to currently fully customize machinery.  One customize product we have offer is mud recycling system and we manufacture it from scratch to finished.  Under the various mud recycling system we have manufacture, the 500 GPM mud recycling system for  HDD Drilling, Tunneling, along with different kinds of drilling activities outside of oil field drilling, which is the GN Solids America's main focus market.  The 500 GPM mud system includes three model GNMS-500B, GNMS-500G, GNMS-500GL. GNMS-500B is a two phase cure mud system, while the different two are three phase mud treating system.

GNMS-500B mud system includes a desilter mini cleaner with two times deck screens thus to attain a 2 phase mud treating effect. The bottom decks will be used as first period treatment with 40 nylon uppers screen to separate coarse solids from the spent mud, after which the liquids will be piped to the desilter cyclones for any second stage treatment simply by removing particles size like 20 microns. The mud agitator is installed for continuous mixing the treated drilling mud. 

GNMS-500G and GNMS-500GL use a single shale shaker to change the bottom deck screen associated with GNMS-500B as the first level solids control treatment , and drilling operators will have mud cleaner with the combined desander hydrocyclones and desilter hydrocyclones respectively as the next stage of solids control treatment machine and also 3rd stage treatment as well. Also there will be mud agitators to mixing the treated mud. The only difference between GNMS-500G and GNMS-500GL is the size of the mud tank that will be use.


The corrosion issue happen on decanter centrifuge

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The purpose and the function of decanter centrifuge is to separate liquid our from solid and/or oil.  Some slurry which might contain materials that might cause the corrosion via contact with metal.  In the long-run of time, it will affects the work ability by decrease the performance  that lead less operation time.  When corrosion start to appear it and deal with timely matter, it can solve the problem without cause much of operation delay. 

By collective feedback on the operation field, corrosion can be spot-alike and evenly -formed.  The spot-alike or random pattern-like corrosion only happened on random area.  The evenly-formed corrosion is more serious issue that might leave the decanter centrifuge out of commission pre-maturely.  Random and spot-alike corrosion often happened due to the defects on the surface of metal.  The more serious and destructive elements that contain in the slurry flow into the decanter centrifuge and without after-work clean-up, it will slowly created the hole on the metal. If the decanter centrifuge is not for conservation, the corrosion action will become more and more serious.

Corrosive wear is a relatively common -happened corrosion. This kind of corrosion is not serious spot-alike corrosion, but in the centrifuge maintenance work, it needs to pay attention to.  This wear corrosion is due to friction parts in the work. When maintenance, the bearing can give parts contact daub lubricating oil, help to reduce friction, regularly will more serious wear parts are replaced, which can effectively prevent the corrosion wear.

GN Solids America LLC has a large warehouse get to 30, 000 sq. feet. GN Solids America helps to keep many decanter centrifuges are available in Houston. GN Solids America is providing rental services for these centrifuges and the some other solids control and going waste management systems. Different kinds are optional from varying speed to fix speed.


Shear pump function in the whole mud system

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Shear pump contain following parts: impeller, vortex shell, transmission shaft, belt pulley, belts, motor and bearing.  The impeller of the shear pump is totally different compare with other pumps due to its function, shearing the objects.  The impeller which contain high cutting efficiency that have 5 structure parts: axial flow turbine, reservoir, wheel for pump, plenum chamber and cutting plates. The whole parts structure in stainless steel that has compact structure for it. 

The flow axial turbine is for fluid with displacement and for pump and the tank. 

The fluid flow through the pump wheel is discharged into the vortex shell, and the half of fluid is absorbed by reservoir. The fluid flowing through the pump wheel is parallel to the shear plate flow and has a high flow rate.

The fluid mixed with the shear pump wheel in a higher flow rate, and the high speed rotation of the shear plate is serrated, and the fluid that contain solid is sheared. By this way of process, the fluid flowing through the impeller, subjected to multiple shear.

The seal of the Shear pump with a very reliable mechanical and to make sure no leakage.

The pump turbine is mounted on a specific base plate and is move by a belt pulley. A  V belt in narrow design drive an IEC certified motor, and a mixing hopper with a size suitable for use with the shear pump is composed of a completed shear and hydration system.

GN Solids America's JQB series shear pump with specific purpose of whole solids control system that can meet all system operators drilling fluid preparing for well drilling. It can makes the mud to obtain good rheological properties and reduce the cost of drilling as much as possible.  


shale shaker with composite frame installed

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GN Solids America LLC is the sale division from GN Solids Control Co., Ltd located in the capitol of the oil industry of North America, Houston, Texas.  Its set up is for the demanding for consult, sale and service of our machinery from both North and South America region.  GN Solids America LLC’s solids control machines are all API certified and meet the industry standard and excess customer's expectation.  GN Solids America LLC's core machine is model GNZS594E-HB 4 panel shale shaker.

In solids control filtering steps,  the 4 panel shale shaker at as the first stage machinery process that filter  large solids cutting in the mud come through the over flow line. Partials larger than 175 microns will be separated. GN Solids America's 4 panel shale shaker GNZS594E-HB is considerable choice compare with M I Swaco Mongoose Pro Shaker.  GNZS594E-HB has large treating capacity of 616 GPM. The buffer box adopts back set makes the height as low as possible to meet the different overflow lines height. This shaker is a 4 panel single deck shale shaker similar with M I Swaco Pro Shaker. The shale shaker screens adopt composite material for extended life usage. The screens are interchangeable with M I Swaco Mongoose screens. Clients who use M I Swaco Pro Shaker who wish to maintain low and fixed operation cost, GNZS594E-HB shale shaker itself and the screens will perform outstanding first stage of solids control process.  The screens adopt block tightening system for easy and fast change screen. Furthermore, the shale shaker deck adopts electrical adjustment and mechanical adjustment is for back up. The vibrating motors GN Solids America LLC pair with two Martins 2.5 HP motor the control box is met IEC EX, ATEX AND UL explosion proof and certified.