GN’s efficient tandem shale shaker

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GN Solids Control is a world famous manufacturer for solid control equipment and waste management system. Since its first establishment in 2007 in China, it’s grown fast from a small local company to great international company. And in 2014, GN Solids Control made a further step to the globalization, establishing its two overseas subsidiaries in US and Russia. This pushed GN closer to the global market and make more and more customers know GN Solids Control. The founder and all its employees strongly believe that quality is the life of an enterprise. So in the very beginning, we care more about the quality and safety than anything else and tried our every best to help reducing the cost for customers. So in the industry, many customers praised GN’s product as “good value for money”. GN’s products now has been certified by API, CE, TP TC and so on.

GN’s product line covers shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, cutting dryer, desander, desilter, centrifugal pump, agitator, vacuum degasser, screw pump, shear pump and so on. GN can be your one stop shop in the solid control area. Among all the products, there is one product that could be call the core one, that is shale shaker. There are mainly two separation method in the whole solid control process, the shaker screen and the centrifuge. When the mud and slurry coming out from the well, its first coarse separation equipment is shale shaker. Usually the drilling companies will buy the shale shakers in pair, like 2, 4, or 6. They will have one in use and the other for back up just in case one is down and the other can still work and don’t affect the drilling process. The tandem shale shakes is like the combination of two shale shakers installed on one skid. This could be more popular for the large drilling rigs with much higher flowing rate of mud. And it has advantages in terms of transportation, processing capability and cost. And this new equipment has a good track record, some middle east customers have bought it and used on the oilfield, and GN received positive feedback.

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GN Solids America LLC's shear pump's function in the whole drilling mud recycle system

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Shear pump contain following parts: impeller, vortex shell, transmission shaft, belt pulley, belts, motor and bearing.  The impeller of the shear pump is totally different compare with other pumps due to its function, shearing the objects.  The impeller which contain high cutting efficiency that have 5 structure parts: axial flow turbine, reservoir, wheel for pump, plenum chamber and cutting plates. The whole parts structure in stainless steel that has compact structure for it. 

The flow axial turbine is for fluid with displacement and for pump and the tank. 

The fluid flow through the pump wheel is discharged into the vortex shell, and the half of fluid is absorbed by reservoir. The fluid flowing through the pump wheel is parallel to the shear plate flow and has a high flow rate.

The fluid mixed with the shear pump wheel in a higher flow rate, and the high speed rotation of the shear plate is serrated, and the fluid that contain solid is sheared. By this way of process, the fluid flowing through the impeller, subjected to multiple shear.

The seal of the Shear pump with a very reliable mechanical and to make sure no leakage.

The pump turbine is mounted on a specific base plate and is move by a belt pulley. A  V belt in narrow design drive an IEC explosion proof certified motor, and a mixing hopper with a size suitable for use with the shear pump is composed of a completed shear and hydration system.

GN Solids America LLC's JQB series shear pump with specific purpose of whole solids control system that can meet all system operators drilling fluid preparing for well drilling. It can makes the mud to obtain good rheological properties and reduce the cost of drilling as much as possible.  


High-standard Solids Control Equipments are prepared for delivering to Middle East

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As showed in below pictures, this week 1 batch of massive high-standard solids control equipments will be put on the cargo ship and move forward to Middle East.


We have to say it is a big order. Over 70 units of 40 square feet container were used to contain all of the equipments.

The end-user is from the oi & gas industry. When these equipments arrive at the site, they will be mainly used for doing the work of solids control with drilling mud & drilling waste management.


These equipments include massive Decanter Centrifuges, Shale Shakers, Corresponding Control Cabinets, etc.


Since GN was founded in 2007, GN has been focusing on offering the high-standard solids control equipments to global customers. The Middle East District, as 1 of the most biggest oil-producing regions in the world, has always been the important market of GN.

In the past several years, GN has kept enlarging its market share in Middle East Market and continuously won big orders from local customers.


In 2015, GN sold 4 sets of Drilling Waste Management System to Baker Hughes. Then Baker Hughes sent the engineers to check GN and other manufactures before making the decision.


Just like that, For this big order the customer evaluated GN and other competitors before finally placing the order on GN. The considering factor include “company overall strength”, “market influence on worldwide market”, “matching suppliers” and  “after-sales service”, etc.


Actually, behind the successfully delivering of the massive equipments on time, all of GN’s people contributed a lot for this, such as,

Hard work for ensuring all of the equipments can be finished as regulated time;

Hard work for ensuring all of the equipments can be finished with high quality;


As what we always say, GN’s version is to continuously provide its products to global customers with good quality and competitive price. And let the customer fell in love with GN’s products.


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GN Solids Control: The new type of drilling waste management system is ready for shipping to customer in Russia

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A new type of drilling waste management system is ready for shipping to customer in Russia.

GN, as a top leader in researching & manufacturing the Solids Control Equipment and Drilling Waste Management, keeps the innovation and can meet the special need from customer.


This time, the new type of drilling waste management system manufactured for Russian Customer is a good innovation and it receives high praise from the customer.


Compared with most of the drilling waste management systems that are outdoor, this time there is much more humanity design was considered into the system.

1)    Like showed in below picture, part of the machines are fitted inside of 1 modular container, like the Vertical Cuttings Dryer and Screw pump (which is mainly used for flushing the dryer when stop working). The container is equipped with A/C, it will make great benefit for the operators and avoid the high temperature and heavy sunshine especially in Summer Season;


2)    The container has a standard dimension, it will be convenient for transportation or moving according to the project need;


3)    The other equipments like the Screw Conveyor, Cuttings Skip are fitted outside of the container. The final layout can be adjusted according to the actual need of customer.

As we know, most of the drilling work or drilling waste management are operated in very poor environment by the operators. Facing the hard condition, trying to provide a better work environment for the operators is the thing that needs to be considered.


Adding the container in GN’s drilling waste management system is a good try this time, in the future GN will add much more similar humanity designs in its products and provide much convenience for the customers.


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GN Solids Control: The 2nd facility in China is put into operation

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Early of this month, the 2nd facility in China of GN Solids Control was put into operation after almost 3 years’ construction. Its formal operation also means GN walks a big step towards the top leader in the “Solids Control” industry in the world.

This 2nd facility is also located in the Chaobai River Industrial Zone of Dachang city, the distance is only 2km to the headquarter and 30km to the downtown of Beijing.


According the company plan, the 2nd facility will be mainly used for manufacturing the Decanter Centrifuge and Vertical Cuttings Dryer, the capacity will be 300 centrifuges and 100 dryers per year.

Since GN was established in 2007 in Tangshan city of Hebei, it has almost been 10 years. In the 10 years, all of GN’s people have kept struggling together, kept researching & manufacturing the best products to the global customers. As it is said that nothing is impossible for the willing heart, until now,


1.    GN has been the No. 1 in the solids control industry in China. Compared with the competitors, GN has the most complete product categories and could ensure to provide the “one-stop service” to almost all the customers;

2.    GN’s internationalization strategy and layout has already walked in front of all the competitors in China. Until now, besides the headquarter in China, GN has the branches or partners in USA, Russia, Australia, Middle East, Latin America, Southern East Asia, etc;

3.    GN’s mark position of facing the middle and high-end customers become more and more clear.

Until now, GN’s products have been servicing in over 60 countries. High-end customers like Baker-Hughes, Baroid and Scomi establish the deep cooperation with GN.

4.    GN keeps the continuous investment on the innovation & researching.

Until now, GN has owned over 10 patents on the Solids Control Euipments & Drilling Waste Management;



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