GN Solids Control Sales 1 set of Mud System to Domestic Customer

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In March of 2016, GN Solids Control is planning to transport 1 set of Mud System to 1 of domestic customers in Shanxi province. The 1 set of mud system will be used in oil well drilling for treating the drilling fluid on well-site.

Since the customer placed the order at the end of 2015 year, despite the influence by the Chinese Spring Festival Holiday in February, the 1 sets of mud system are finished under required time. Each quality test has been passed and will be transported to customer onsite in the short future.


This set of mud system is equipped with below equipment:

1). 2 units of shale shaker, Model: GNZS752, which are used for doing the 1st-stage separation;

2). 1 unit of Shaker & Desander AIO machine, which is used for doing the 2nd-stage separation;

3). 1 unit of Shaker & Deilter AIO machine, which is used for doing the 3rd -stage separation;

4). 1 unit of Centrifuge, Model: GNLW452, which is used for doing the 4th -stage separation;

5). 4 units of Mud Tanks, Agitators are fitted for agitating the mud;

6). Centrifugal Pumps as the feeding pumps for Desander and Desilter, Submersible Slurry Pump as the feeding pump for Decanter Centrifuge;

7). Other auxiliary equipment like Walkway, Handrail, Ladder, etc.


The treatment capacity is 720H with this set of mud system.


In the past years, more and more customers from global market chose to purchase the mud systems manufactured by GN Solids Control, which are used not only in Oil & Gas drilling field, but also in HDD, TBM drilling, Mining, Piling, TBM, etc. Customized mud system could also be manufactured.


Finally, if you want to learn more about the mud system manufactured by GN Solids Control, welcome to visit our website and contact us.


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GN Solids Control Is Ready For 2015 Shanghai CIPPE Show

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Hebei GN Solids Control is a top manufacturer of solids control equipment & System and drilling waste management equipment & system in China.

As GN Solids Control is leading the way in the technology of solids control and drilling waste, GN Solids Control always brings its newly designed

product to famous and important show all over the world. Until now, GN Solids Control has attended 2015 Beijing CIPPE with its standard model

of drilling waste management system, 2015 OTC show with its newly updated vertical cutting dryer. GN is going to attend 2015 Shanghai CIPPE

show in August. This time, GN will show its modular designs of drilling waste management equipment of high G shaker, vertical cutting dryer

and decanter centrifuge. Details of this show is listed as below:

Address: Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Shanghai China.

Time: August 26 to August 28, 2015.

GN Stand: W1230

Plane Graph: zhanguan Kan big,jpg

The telescopic skidded vertical cutting dryer will be on show. If we lower down the legs, the skid with the dryer mounted on it is suitable for land transportation.

If we lift up the legs, it is easy and convenient to operate and maintain the vertical cutting dryer. The telescopic skidded decanter centrifuge will also be on the show.

The function of the telescopic skid is similar to the one of vertical cutting dryer. Also, GN high G shaker will also shine in this show with a collecting tank at the bottom.

It is used to handle the water based mud cuttings. Being the modular units, the vertical cutting dryer, the decanter centrifuge and the high G shaker enjoy a flexible layout

according to the jobsite. If you have more questions, do not hesitate to contact GN Solids Control.



2 Packages Drilling Waste Management Equipment to Africa Market

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Hebei GN Solids Control has always been leading the way in drilling waste management technology, proudly being the first solids control company

in China who developed vertical cutting dryer in 2011. With a few years’ stable and fast growing, GN has mastered the mature technology of drilling

waste management with which GN has rendered great support to Africa. Recently, 2 packages of drilling waste management system are ready for delivery to Africa.

It is completed with vertical cutting dryer, decanter centrifuge, feeding pump and screw conveyor. The equipment list is shown as below.

Two sets vertical cutting dryer are used to treat drilling waste discharged from the shale shaker, the desander and the desilter or the mud cleaner with the combination

of desander and desilter. With a high centrifugal G force produced by high speed rotating, the light liquid will be thrown through the screen, while solids will be blocked

inside the screen and be discharged out from the open space at the bottom after scraped downward by the flights. With around 4 years’ development, GN vertical cutting dryer

has been accepted by more and more big player in oil and gas field. Now GN vertical cutting dryer and complete drilling waste management system are operating in

Russia for Baker Hughes project, in China for Shell and CNPC project.

Besides 2 sets vertical cutting dryer, there are 4 set decanter centrifuges which are used to further treat the liquids discharged from the vertical cutting dryer to collect more clean drilling fluids

for recycling usage. Also there are 4 sets screw pump to feed the liquids to the decanter centrifuge, 10 sets of screw conveyor to transport the drilling waste from the shale shaker and desander&desilter

to the vertical cutting dryer . 


GN New Product: Solidification Unit for Drilling Waste Management

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        GN New Product: Solidification Unit for Drilling Waste Management

Since its first establishment in 2007, Hebei GN Solids Control has always been leading the way on technology of 
drilling waste management. In 2011, GN Solids Control designed and manufactured the first vertical cutting dryer 
which can treat both of OBM waste and WBM waste. With fours years improving,the 4th generation GN vertical cutting 
dryer can reach a rotating speed up to 1200RPM, producing the maximum G force of 750. More proudly, GN Solids Control 
delivered its first set of solidification unit to domestic market last week, signifying the launch of GN new product. 
GN solidification unit is designed as the next procedure to handle the solids discharged from waste drying machines 
such as high G shaker and vertical cutting dryer which are delivered to a waste collection hopper by a screw conveyor. 
Then there will be another conveyor to transport the waste to the high shear mixer. Before the waste falls into the 
high shear mixer, it will meet the cement and absorber in a small hopper which are collected in a hopper box and 
transported by a tubular screw conveyor. The waste, cement, and absorber are mixed sufficiently at the same time 
being pushed forward by the high shear mixer; then discharged as enough dried materials to be accepted on site 
of to do landspreading.
GN solidification unit can handle both oil based mud cuttings and waste based mud cuttings. Since the capacity can be 
adjusted and set in advance, GN solidification unit works continuously and automatically; Solidification effectively 
decomposes the chemical constituent in waste by chemical reaction or immobilizes and blocks it inner waste. 
This technology converts hydrologic sensitive liquid and semi-liquids waste in a physical form that can be stored safely. 
Being shaped as masses with highly structural integrity after solidification, the waste will be more easy to transported.

GN Solids America Displayed GN Big Bowl Decanter Centrifuge at Global Petroleum Show in Canada Two weeks ago, GN Solids America attended the Global Petroleum Show in Canada. It’s the largest oil show in Canada, and it is the first time GN attended this sh

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GN Solids America Displayed GN Big Bowl Decanter Centrifuge at Global Petroleum Show in Canada

Two weeks ago, GN Solids America attended the Global Petroleum Show in Canada. It’s the largest oil show in Canada, 
and it is the first time GN attended this show.  With the great success on 2015 OTC show in Houston, the USA; 
GN Solids America decided to extend this success so to attend the show in Canada, with more and more potential customers 
being attracted by GN high quality and cost effective product among which the most popular one is decanter centrifuge.  
This time, GN Solids America displayed the biggest bowl decanter centrifuge with a big capacity and high speed. 
Also fixed speed or VFD are optional. Earlier, GN Solids America has displayed its mini decanter centrifuge 
for diamond drilling also known as core drilling in Montreal, Canada. GN big bowl decanter centrifuge 
is manufactured in accordance with the highest standard with the most carefully selected raw materials 
to compete against  USA/ EU brand. The big capacity can meets the customers’ requirement on large treating capacity.
On the show, a lot of clients showed their interests to our 22inch bowl decanter centrifuge. The main bowl is made 
of duplex stainless steel 2205, the other assy is made of stainless steel 316L, the screw propeller is protected by 
tungsten carbide tiles over 4mm thickness. To comply with CSA standard which is required in Canada market, we bought 
CSA certified explosion proof motor( 125HP & 50HP) and VFD control panel in Canada. The technical specs is equivalent 
to Alfa Laval Lynx 40 which is one of the most popular model in the market. GN centrifuge has been widely used for 
oil & gas drilling solids control system, drilling waste management system and dewatering unit for both Tunneling 
and dredging slurry separation system.