GN Solids America Displayed GN Big Bowl Decanter Centrifuge at Global Petroleum Show in Canada Two weeks ago, GN Solids America attended the Global Petroleum Show in Canada. It’s the largest oil show in Canada, and it is the first time GN attended this sh

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GN Solids America Displayed GN Big Bowl Decanter Centrifuge at Global Petroleum Show in Canada

Two weeks ago, GN Solids America attended the Global Petroleum Show in Canada. It’s the largest oil show in Canada, 
and it is the first time GN attended this show.  With the great success on 2015 OTC show in Houston, the USA; 
GN Solids America decided to extend this success so to attend the show in Canada, with more and more potential customers 
being attracted by GN high quality and cost effective product among which the most popular one is decanter centrifuge.  
This time, GN Solids America displayed the biggest bowl decanter centrifuge with a big capacity and high speed. 
Also fixed speed or VFD are optional. Earlier, GN Solids America has displayed its mini decanter centrifuge 
for diamond drilling also known as core drilling in Montreal, Canada. GN big bowl decanter centrifuge 
is manufactured in accordance with the highest standard with the most carefully selected raw materials 
to compete against  USA/ EU brand. The big capacity can meets the customers’ requirement on large treating capacity.
On the show, a lot of clients showed their interests to our 22inch bowl decanter centrifuge. The main bowl is made 
of duplex stainless steel 2205, the other assy is made of stainless steel 316L, the screw propeller is protected by 
tungsten carbide tiles over 4mm thickness. To comply with CSA standard which is required in Canada market, we bought 
CSA certified explosion proof motor( 125HP & 50HP) and VFD control panel in Canada. The technical specs is equivalent 
to Alfa Laval Lynx 40 which is one of the most popular model in the market. GN centrifuge has been widely used for 
oil & gas drilling solids control system, drilling waste management system and dewatering unit for both Tunneling 
and dredging slurry separation system.

GN Drilling Waste Management Equipment Kept In Stock for Quicker Response

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Starting at 2007, GN Solids Control has become an international leading brand of solids control equipment from a small private company. GN solids control is honored to be the registered supplier to wellknown and top oilfield service companies both at home and on abroad such as Baker Hughes, Sinopec, CNPC. With a more strict environmental regulation on NO PIT drilling in China put into effective recently, more and more drilling contractors are seeking for drilling waste management equipment and systems in China. GN has been faced with the questions such as “do you have High G shaker in stock, do you have vertical cutting dryer in stock, do you have decanter centrifuge in stock? We are now having an urgent  project requiring a complete line of waste management equipment?” in past few months. GN used to answer like that we arrange manufacture order by order. 

But now, GN brings the good news that we have them in stock.

1) 40 sets decanter centrifuge are under manufacture for stock.

Now, GN is producing 40 sets decanter centrifuge for stock, the most important equipment for solids control & drilling waste management.

Each year, around 200 sets of decanter centrifuge are sold. 

2) 40 sets of High G drying shaker under production for stock

High G drying shaker is professional for water based mud drilling waste management. GN Solids Control keep shaker frame, 

shaker screen and shaker motor in stock for quick response.

3) 20 sets of vertical cuttings for stock

GN Solids Control is producing 20 sets of vertical cuttings dryer for stock. 

Even we have main equipment in stock for better service, we also recommend clients do preparations and purchase at least one month in advance 

in case you may require some customized parts to work for your contract. For customized parts, it takes much longer time than standard equipment. 


GN Mini Decanter Centrifuge for Diamond Drilling

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Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd has led the way in solids control equipment among all China’s manufactures.

Besides the main and largest market of oil and gas drilling,GN has already extended its business into other kinds 

of drilling such as HDD, CBM, Diamond Drilling on the basis of mature equipment, and also pioneer in the those fields.

Each year GN exports around 100 sets of decanter centrifuge for oil and gas drilling project, drilling waste management 

project and also for diamond drilling. Early in this year, GN has delivery about 40 sets of high speed decanter centrifuge for 

fine solids removal to Africa, and also 10 sets mini decanter centrifuge to Canada for diamond drilling.

With compact design to save space, GN mini decanter centrifuge is very popular for mine drilling, also known diamond drilling 

which is universal in Canada, and Turkey for mine material exploration.  GN mini decanter centrifuge is designed with high speed 

and small treating capacity to save space for generally the space of mine drilling,also known as diamond drilling is limited; bowl 

diameter is 9 inch, and the bowl length is 26 inch, and the treating capacity is about 26 gpm, and the speed can reach to 3800rpm.

It is used to separate fine solids out in the drilling fluid to reused the drillinf mud to save money.


GN also designs complete set of solids removal system for diamond drilling with two stage treatment. In one system to Australia, 

the first stage treatment equipment is shale shaker,while there were two options for the second stage treatment according to the mud 

condition treated by the shale shaker. The one is desilter cones, the other is GN mini decanter centrifuge. Recently, GN also designed 

one solids removal system for a Latin America customer.


GN Solids America Will Attend 2015 GPS Canada Show with its Big Bowl Decanter Centrifuge

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   GN Solids America Will Attend 2015 GPS Canada Show with its Big Bowl Decanter Centrifuge

As the top manufacturer of solids control equipment and system in China,  GN has been leading the way in the international market and proudly own the largest portion among all other’s Chinas solids control 
equipment manufacturer and suppliers. One of the reason why GN stands out in the international market is that GN attends almost all the important show in oil and gas field around the world every year. GN has already attended to CIPPE show in March, OTC show in May, also shows in Iran and Canada. Now GN solids control is going to attended 2015 GPS Canada show which is one of the largest oil field show in the world. GN solids control has set up its Houston based USA branch GN Solids America, so the product on show will be directly delivered from USA to Canada. Details are listed.

Oil Show Name: Global Petroleum Show (GPS)

Schedule: June 9 --- 11, 2015

GN Booth No.: Hall F --- Booth 8503

Appointed Contacts: E-mail --- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; Tel: +1-713878088 

This time, GN Solids America will show its big bowl decanter centrifuge for large capacity, details are listed as below


Bowl Diameter: 22 inch (550mm)
Bowl Length:71inch(1800mm)
Speed: 0 -2500RPM 
Typical Capacity: 400 GPM 
Main Motor: 90KW
Back Drive Motor: 37KW

GN Solids America has delivered over 15 sets decanter centrifuge for drilling industry to Canada which were with CSA explosion proof in accordance to Canada standards. Strong supported by its headquarter in China, GN Solids America also keep stocks in its warehouse for a fast delivery and prompt after sales services. Besides decanter centrifuge, GN Solids America also keep drilling waste management equipment in stock such as vertical cutting dryer and High G dryer.


GN Successfully Displayed Drilling Waste Management System on 2015 OTC Show

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    GN Successfully Displayed Drilling Waste Management System on 2015 OTC Show

2015 OTC ended at 7th May 2015 which was held in Houston, the USA. As one of the largest and 
most famous oilfield show in the world, OTC attracts a large amount of exhibitors all over the 
world in oilfield industry such as rig manufacturers and solids control manufactures, also attracts 
visitors around the world to seek cost-effective products and for a knowledge exchange. As a top and 
leading manufacturer of solids control equipment and system in China, GN solids control has been a residential 
exhibitor to OTC show. Certainly, GN solids control attended OTC show this year and displayed its drilling waste 
management systems, together with its solids control equipment. To promote American market, GN has already established 
American branch in 2013 with a warehouse, so it is more convenient for GN to attend OTC show.
Regarding to the drilling waste management equipment shown on the OTC show, GN displayed its 
main product for drilling waste management vertical cutting dryer. If considering simply, it 
can be compared as a vertical centrifuges which rotates in a high speed to separate solids and liquids. 
Different form the screw in the bowl of decanter centrifuges, there is a screen basket inner the vertical 
cutting dryer to prevent the solids from being thrown out whose size large than the screen mesh, while the 
liquids will be thrown out and discharged through channels.  The solids will be adhere to the screen, there 
will be flights to scrape the solids off and flow out through the open at the bottom. Solids will be dried enough 
to be discharged directly, while the liquids can be delivered to a high speed decanter centrifuge for further treatment 
to collect more clean fluids with ultra-fine solids be thrown out.