An efficient way to treat oil contaminated land

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Crude oil exploration and production has been in existence for over 100 years. It revolutionized industry and how people live in this planet, and greatly improve the quality of life. However, it also bring many side effect on the earth, oil contamination is one of them.

Oil contamination is a frequently encountered in the exploration and production of crude oil, such us drilling process, oil well workover,  well tesingt and other operations performed on oil wells. Once the land is contaminated, it will take centuries for the land to remediate. Oil contamination is a big challenge to environment protection.

GN Solids Control is mindful of this thread to lives on the earth and has been performing R&D work to resolve this problem. The result is the oil sludge treatment system.

The major achieve of this system is the effectively separation of oil from water and solids, turning contaminated land into arable, and recovered oil can be used again.

The treatment process is to mix the contaminated soil with chemicals and water, properly stirred, then send it to a GN shale shaker, which separate big solids particles from the liquid. Then the liquid is sent to a secondary mixing tank to be treated with chemicals. After that the liquid is sent to GN decanter centrifuge to further separate solids from liquid employing the super strong separation force of GN decanter centrifuge. Liquid from the decanter centrifuge is sent to GN three phase disc separator to segregate oil, water and solids. The oil can be re-utilized while the water can be used to treat fresh contaminants.

The advantage of such system is its speed. The maximum capability of GN oil sludge treatment system is 30m3/h, and bigger process capability system can be customized. In other words, it can clean an entire well site in one day.

As more and more stringent environment protection policies are implemented, oil contamination job will be increased, the market is promising.

GN Solids Control is continuing its effort to put into the market more efficient oil sludge treatment system to make its contribution to the society.


Advantages of shale shaker screens by GN Solids Control

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Solids control is very important in oil and gas drilling. In the complete solid control workflow, shale shaker is crucial as it is the work horse in the process. It is low cost and high efficiency. GN Solids Control manufactures a complete line of solids control equipment, which are high quality and low in application cost. Among these products, shale shaker screen is a good illustration of the quality of equipment by GN Solids Control.

Shake screens are consumables, their quality has big impact on the smooth operation and the quality of solids control work in oil and gas drilling.

Years of field application shows that the quality of shaker screen by GN Solids Control is better, if not as good as, than those by famous manufacturer.

In short, GN Solids Control made tremendous effort to enhance the quality of its shake screens.

  1. GN Solids Control (GN) uses multi-layer mesh to increase the strength of its shaker screens from low API numbers. This will inevitably increase cost;
  2. The high quality meshes for GN shaker screens are from the top of the line manufacturer. This adds cost as well;
  3. GN uses smart welding technique to secure the consistency of welding, which greatly reduces human interference;
  4. GN uses all side tensive technique to maintain proper elasticity of the meshes for high performance and long service lfe.

As the result, all GN shaker screens pass API certification easily. All GN shaker screens are API RP13C certified.

Because of the above effort, GN shaker screens are widely accepted by drilling rigs and customer in separation, drilling waste management, oil sludge treatment, etc. Once a customer has the good experience on GN shaker screens, they becomes clients of GN shaker screens for many year to come.

We believe shaker screen by GN Solids Control will become famous as the famous brands.


Closed loop automation control of decanter centrifuge

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Decanter centrifuge plays a crucial and indispensable role in the solids control of oil and gas drilling.

As more and more drilling activities be implemented in low permeability and unconventional reserves, drilling is becoming more demanding on the performance of decanter centrifuge, that is, they need to be more intelligent.

On the other hand, the ever-increasing labor cost forces drilling operators to seek more controlled way of drilling operation. Automation is a promising solution for such initiative.

Traditional decanter centrifuge uses fixed speed electrical motors to provide power for the centrifuge. Differential speed is provided by star-transmission.

This presents a big potential danger to the operation of the decanter centrifuge. For instance, if, for any reason, the rotor motor stops operation while the main motor is still rotating at 3000 RPM, the whole centrifuge will soon be filled up with solids and the main motor will be tripped due to over load. This will create a big problem for the operation, and it usually takes days to clean out the consolidated solids inside the barrel. This is absolutely not acceptable in a mission-critical environment.

In addition to this risk, fixed speed decanter centrifuge also faces the challenge of changing work load. In a typical field operation, the incoming material feed changes tremendously. Sometimes the flowing-in fluid is mainly water, with little solids in it. Sometimes the incoming stream has very high solids concentration. These are the two extreme feed conditions for the centrifuge to handle, which impose great challenges for the machine as they require absolutely different differential speed.

This kind of fixed speed decanter centrifuge also lacks other conveniences such as making minus changes on the differential speed so as to perform field cleaning up of the decanter centrifuge.

More advanced decanter centrifuge such as those manufactured by GN Solids Control uses variable frequency drive to provide the differential speed necessary for the discharge of separated solids. This kind of decanter centrifuge provides outstanding performance quality over fixed speed centrifuges.

With the addition of automation technique, the following feature can be achieved:

  • Automatically changing the differential speed with changes in solids concentration of the incoming flow;
  • Interlock of the two motors if either one fails, and shut off the incoming valve;
  • Lowering, or stopping the system if there is no fluid coming in for certain amount of time;
  • Manually changing the differential speed for system cleanup
  • Automatic monitoring and alarming of bearing overheating, and shut off the valve(s) for incoming fluids, and take automatic measures (if available) to stop the deterioration of the situation;
  • Communicate with other equipment in the work stream, to establish an integral material handling system, to optimize the performance of the whole system at designated targets
  • And the inclusion of automation technology may eventually evolve into a AI system, with self-learning and self-decision-making system.

Advancement in transducer will be the flash to trigger this revolution.



GN Solids Control is never rest till we have the best product and Tech in the Market.

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GN Solids Control. is a manufacturer mainly engaged in the production of oil drilling supporting equipment, namely drilling mud solid control equipment and waste mud recycling equipment. The company is headquartered in Chaobaihe Industry, 40 kilometers away from Beijing Capital Airport. District, convenient transportation, geographical location and superiority, can facilitate the majority of customers to visit and guide the factory.
In recent years, GN Solid Control has vigorously developed the international market. At this stage, it has set up a branch in the US oil city-Houston and established a warehouse to ensure the inventory of its own equipment and consumables in the US and other nearby markets. Occupation rate and enhanced after-sales service guarantee, the company's products can compete with the international top solid-control equipment manufacturers, and strive to improve the quality and reputation of "made in China". In addition, the company has established branches or offices in the Russian capital Moscow and the Middle East. Up to now, Guanneng products have been exported to more than 60 countries around the world, and the product quality is widely recognized by domestic and international customers.
In the past three years, the oil market has gone from bad to worse, but Guanneng Petroleum has not stopped the development of new products. In order to meet the market demand, GN Solid Control has recently developed a drill cutting vacuum pump for conveying high solid content and high viscosity materials. . The research and development of the oil desorption system for oily sludge has not stopped. The oil content of the sludge treated by this system can be controlled to less than 0.3%, which can meet the strict environmental protection requirements of China and the internationally accepted processing requirements.
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GN’s New Shipment to Russia

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The production of 3 sets of solid control equipment ordered by Russian customers has been completed and has been sent to the customer's job site through acceptance. For the repeat order of the order customer, the equipment provided by GN Solids Solid Control will be installed on a mud tank made in Russia.


GN Solids Solid Control can provide a complete mud solid control system including mud tanks. Some international customers choose to purchase or make mud tanks locally in order to save transportation costs, and order equipment capable of solid control of the crown to reduce the overall mud solid control system. cost.


1. 9 sets of drilling fluid vibrating screen---high G drilling fluid vibrating screen, G force adjustable up to 7.5G, used for separation of large particle solid phase in drilling fluid. The structure of the four screens greatly increases the separation area, and the screen uses a composite material with a longer service life.


3 sets of mud cleaners---For the convenience of maintenance, the crown can be used for the same type of vibrating screen on the cleaner. The cyclone is made of 100% polyurethane and has excellent wear resistance. 2 and the de-dusting cyclone and 12 de-dusting cyclone configuration capacity up to 1000GPM.


9 centrifugal pumps - the slurry for the slurry cleaner and the treated mud are fed into the perfusion pump of the mud pump. GN Solids solid-controlled centrifugal pump is interchangeable with Mission centrifugal pump


4. six sets of centrifuge - centrifuge to remove fine solid particles in the drilling fluid. When the centrifuge reaches a speed of 3200 RPM, solids larger than 5 microns will be separated. Each centrifuge is equipped with a screw pump as the slurry pump for the centrifuge. The stable flow rate of the screw pump is ideal for the centrifuge.


Three sets of jet mixing equipment---In the preparation of mud, a mixing hopper is needed to add chemicals to the drilling fluid. The structure of the mixing pump and the mixing funnel manifold is convenient for the customer's equipment layout and use.


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